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Make a Trip to Wales Your New Year's Resolution

Head to Pembrokeshire in Wales for the period surrounding New Year's Eve and you may be able to tick off a number of resolutions for the forthcoming 12 months at an early stage. If your new year's resolutions involve seeing new sights, not spending as much money and keeping in shape - as i

Sant Pol De Mar Holiday Rentals

Sant Pol De Mar is a great municipality in Costa Maresme which lies in Catalonia Spain. It is situated in between Calella and Canet De Mar. Sant Pol connects to other parts on the coastal region via t

Trip from Trichy to Coimbatore

Before starting a trip to Trichy to Coimbatore one mus have the perfect the knowledge about the place so its is easier for you to travel. Trichy is a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and the adm

Visiting the Isle of Mull in Argyll

Mull is one of the most famous unspoilt islands, located in the county of Argyll in Scotland. It boasts an impressive coastline of 300 miles, although its population is relatively small, only 2800 inhabitants.

Maverick Helicopter's Grand Canyon Tours

Maverick Helicopters has been breaking new ground in the Las Vegas tourism market since 1995. Entrepreneur and company CEO Greg Rochna grew the service from a modest two helicopters to a the largest fleet of ECO-Star helicopters in the world...

Home Away From Home In Uganda

Uganda has an area of 241,038 square km, and out of which 83% is in land area with a total a total population of approximately 30 million people. It is considered as the emerald isle because of its prominent greens. Its capital city is Kampala, known for its cosmopolitan and chic mood. Uganda's

Spanish Dancer Costume

Dance is an important part of the vibrant Spanish culture. A cultural tour to Spain remains incomplete without watching a lively Spanish dance performance. Spanish dance conjures images of men and wom

Where Is Costa Rica?

It is a tropical paradise for your holidays. It is situated in Central America around nine and ten degrees north of the Equator. It is a small country located on the isthmus that links North and South America. The nation is part of the North American continent geographically but culturally it is clo

Top 10 Vacation Islands to Go in 2008

Top 10 vacation islands vary according to the individual's preference. The top ten vacation islands may also vary from one author to another. Before starting, ask yourself this question, what you really look for in a vacation island?