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Can My Dog Eat Chocolate?

While it may seem like an extra special treat, the reality is, chocolate is not only unsafe for dogs, it can also be deadly. While most pet owners are aware that both sugar and chocolate should not be fed to our four-legged children, with Halloween just around the corner, I feel its worth a mention.

How to Make a Dog Head Cone to Prevent Wound Licking

It is a dog's natural instinct to lick and bite at a wound or at any ointment or medication applied to its skin. To help prevent this, a cone, often referred to as an "Elizabethan collar" from its shape, is often placed around the dog's head. These cones can be obtained from a veterinarian; but you

How to Tame a Hyper Puppy

Puppies are naturally hyper, and while it's fun to play with them, it's never too early to start teaching them basic obedience commands to help tame them. You can make your puppy tired just by letting it run around and wear itself out, but the best way to tame a puppy is to train it. It may take a w

Chained Reaction

Mental Health is as Important as Physical Health part four Aggression

Jumping Dogs and How to Control Them

Jumping dogs are created by their own masters and owners. When the dog was a puppy they thought it was cute for him to jump on them or climb on their leg. As he grew older he was never told to stop so he continued doing it. Now when he is a fifty pound dog he believes he is allowed to do it and it i

Are Dogs Really Safe In The Water

One of the most popular ways of keeping dogs safe in water is the use of a water vest. These floatation devices will aid your pet in staying afloat, particularly should they get into difficulties or experience fatigue. Whether youre going for a walk by the lake or taking your pet on a sailing trip,

Dog Breed: Akbash

The dog breed Akbash is a native breed of Turkey. It is used as a livestock guardian dog.

Spondylosis Deformans in Dogs

Spondylosis deformans (spondylitis) is common in middle-age and older animals, including dogs. Like all aging joints, the spine can get arthritic. Spondylosis deformans is similar to arthritis, with bone spurs forming on the vertebrae. Many dogs have no symptoms, but if the condition progresses the

Hip Dysplasia - A Guide to Diagnosis

The vet will firstly take an X-Ray of your dog with the X-ray then sent for further examination by an appointed panel. The assessment and examination of the X-ray will normally be done by a Vet that has a particular interest in orthopaedics.

How to Get a Dog From Pooping on the Floor

Dogs and puppies must be housebroken before they can be trusted not to defecate inside the house. Puppies and dogs do not know better and rely on their owner to teach them the rules and regulations of the house, including going to the bathroom outside. Housebreaking can take some time, but it will b

Why Use Homemade Dog Food Recipes

With all the doubts about commercial foods, many people are looking at using homemade dog food recipes to make their own pet food. You can't really blame them for being concerned about the commercial foods, and making your own is a great option.

Ways to Stop Dog Chasing

Some dogs have a tendency to chase after moving cars or motorcycles, if this is the case with your dog;you have to make sure that he is always kept on a leash whenever moving traffic is nearby. Failing to do so could lead to your dog being run over by a car or a driver might get startled and attempt

Dog Food: Meat vs Meat Meal

Ever read through the ingredient list on your kibbled dog food and wonder exactly what the difference is between meat and meat meal?? It may be more serious than you think!

7 Tips That Will Keep Your Dog Safe on Halloween Night

Halloween is the time of year that a lot of people like to do pranks. Egg throwing, toilet paper, stink bombs in the mailbox are all popular things to do on Halloween. Make sure your dog is protected on this night.

My Dog Peed Inside, Now What?

Here are some helpful hints and tricks of the trade to housebreak your puppy. We include step by step instruction to make sure you are properly training your dog!

Canine Compulsive Behaviors

Dogs can exhibit obsessive compulsive behaviors much like humans can. Many pet owners witness strange, repetitive, destructive or even harmful behaviors in their dogs and may have questions about treatment. Unfortunately, many owners elect to get rid of their dogs because of the behavioral issues.

How Do I Stop My Dog's Destructive Chewing?

Rest assured, your dog is perfectly capable of learning not to chew up your thinking. But, it will require a little effort on your part.Step one of stopping destructive chewing is to dog proof your home. Even the best-behaved dog in the world, falls to temptation.Why test her?

Does Your Dog Have Cancer?

There are few people that have not been touched by cancer, and with so many people suffering from cancer it is easy to forget that cancer is not just a human disease. Dogs can also suffer from this terrible disease. Dogs mostly get cancer somewhere near their head, the mouth is possibly the most com