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The Happiest Moment in My life

My so not romantic boyfriend proposed to me on Valentine's Day with a Tiffany wedding ring,which I have longed for since my childhood. It marked the happiest moment in my life.

How to Get Into a Zombies Lobby With All High Levels

Multiplayer Zombies mode of "Call of Duty: Black Ops" requires teamwork. Without good teammates, you could end up only surviving through early rounds. To be sure you have skilled teammates before you begin the match, you can check the Leader Lobbyboard to check out their statistics. Such statistics

Singles Online Dating Sites

Many people out there are looking and searching for dating partners. Some people are looking for long lasting relations while others are just looking for partners who will satisfy their needs whenever.

Why A Woman Would Walk Away From You

A good number of my readers have written to me lately wanting to know why a woman would walk away from a relationship. I hope that some of them will have a chance to read this. First it is mostly about personal space. Some men sit or talk to women at a distance too close that they make a woman feel

1000 Questions For Couples - EBook Review

The major common and disastrous problem facing America as well entire world at present is not the spread of weapons of mass destruction but the breakdown of the traditional family and the attendant problems of ...

Dating an Officemate - What You Should Know

The workplace is a place where people get to know each other well and it is not surprising for them to develop romantic relationships. Dating an office mate is not always a bed of roses, when personal life gets entangled with professional life, problems may occur. People who have the same line of wo

Sexuality and Horror Movies

Have you ever thought that there is a connection between sexuality and horror movies? What is the key in capturing the viewers' attention? Well sex combined violence. And horror movies are almost always about sexuality even though it is very obvious or subtle. Sex and horror became almost insep

How to Be Affectionate

Being affectionate with your partner will help both of you gain a deeper level of intimacy. It may be frightening, at first, to feel so vulnerable with the one you love. But you can it with the help of a few tips.

The Best Muslim Matrimonial Sites

Muslim matrimonial sites can help you find your Muslim soulmate.muslim woman image by from Fotolia.comMuslim matrimonial sites help Muslims find life partners. They differentiate themselves from other dating websites by following Islamic principles in matching their members and...

How to Make Your Ex Want You Back - Actually, BEG You!

Did your ex break up with you, and all you want to know at this moment is how to make your ex want you back? That's normal for those who didn't want to break up in the first place. But you want to avoid the mistakes and go straight for the moves that will make him/her want you back!