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Can You Sand Single Stage Urethane Paint?

Many types of urethane paints require that you paint your car in stages, applying several different coats that must then be allowed to dry before the next coat is added. Depending on the sequence of steps, wet sanding is usually advised at various stages of the process, and with a process that takes

How to Rebuild a Single Barrel Rochester Carb

Rebuilding a Rochester carburetor requires a rebuild kit for the particular carburetor application. Identifying the carburetor is of major importance to acquire the proper kit. The identifying numbers are either on the side of the float bowl or on a metal tag affixed to the top of the carburetor hel

My Chevrolet 7.4 Won't Run

The Chevrolet 7.4-liter engine is primarily used in Suburbans. When having problems with your 7.4, there are several things to do before taking it to a repair shop. Common issues include the battery, fuel and starter problems. You can diagnose these minor problems. However, a qualified mechanic shou

Tools to Remove Shocks

The shock assembly in a vehicle ensures a smooth ride.Shock absorber image by Neryman from Fotolia.comRemoving the shocks from a vehicle requires a roomy work area with a good place to lift a car, either with a hydraulic lift or a hand jack. If you are planning to replace the shocks, your...

How to Polish Aluminum on a Buffer Wheel

A good polish on an aluminum wheel is all that is needed to bring the metal back into top condition. Sometimes all an aluminum wheel needs is a good wash with soap and water. But other times, it might need polishing with a buffer wheel. Depending on the type of aluminum you're working with, you'll h

How to Install a Sliding Rear Window

A sliding back window is a great thing to have in a pickup truck. Opening it will provide much needed air circulation and protect the driver and passengers from overheating. Sliding rear windows can also provide convenient access to the bed of the pickup truck, and remove the "ant under a magnifying

How to Wetsand Headlights

Wet sanding is performed to ensure the sandpaper is not clogged with particles abraded from the surface being sanded. Larger grit sandpapers, such as those used on wood, have enough space between the grit and the material being sanded that particles can fall away from the sanded material. Wet sand p

How to Install Bully Dog Chips

To increase horsepower and torque on a truck, a Bully Dog six-position bank chip can be installed. The six selectable positions include high idle, valet, stock, +50 horsepower, +75 horsepower and +125 horsepower. Bully Dog chips enhance performance while maintaining low exhaust gas temperatures. On

How to Install Kouki Lights

Kouki lights are popular among car enthusiasts who are looking to customize their vehicle by upgrading their head or tail lights. Kouki lights are generally used for various car makes including Nissan, Toyota and Honda. Kouki lights are manufactured in a variety of styles to accommodate different ca

How to Remove the White Lettering on Tires

Some custom auto enthusiasts love the look that certain tires have, but like a solid black exposure. If a tire comes only in a version with raised white lettering, it creates a problem. If you are shopping for tires online, the letters "rwl" indicate the tire comes with the white lettering. Althoug