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Repentance Teaching Ideas

Repentance by definition is to be sorry about past wrongs and to change direction in life. In the Christian faith, repentance is a key element in being right with God. The theme of repentance and God's forgiveness flows throughout the Old and the New Testament. You can teach repentance through the n

Epictetus on Being a Better Person

No one wants to be a bad person - at least, I assume that that is the case. Where the difficulty and disagreements lie, however, is in just what constitutes a 'good person' and how one is to achieve actually being a 'good person' at all. There are a variety of theories as to how

Christian Guide to Marriage Counseling

Even couples who start their marriages with the best of intentions can run into trouble when the stresses of life set in. Most commonly, married couples engage in conflict over money, children and sex; however, countless other issues can get a foothold in the sanctity of a union. Couples who opt for

Funeral Arrangement Checklist

A checklist can make funeral arrangements more organized.thai funeral image by Adrian Hillman from Fotolia.comWhen a loved one dies, it can be difficult to make the funeral arrangements. This is a highly emotional time, and the family member charged with planning the funeral should have...

How to Order the LDS Newsletter

The LDS "Church News" is a weekly newsletter found in the the Deseret News, a newspaper owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's the only publication devoted entirely to news coverage of the LDS Church, such as news and upcoming events within the church, inspirational messages,

How to Choose the Type of Funeral You Want

Planning for your own funeral can alleviate stress on your loved ones. Whether you are planning your own funeral or a funeral for someone you know, being familiar with the basic different types of funeral arrangements can be helpful to learn before making arrangements with the funeral provider. W

Find Your Flow through Forgiveness

Have you tried to set and accomplish goals with little success, or has your manifesting brought you disappointing results? There may be a number of reasons for this, but for the purpose of this article ...

Christians' Connection With God For Exploits

Knowledge is of immense importance to the entire human race, be they Christians, people of other religions or even those that profess no religious faith at all. But to Christians that are indeed religious, whose knowledge we have, knowledge is more endearing as it truly establishes the connection fr

Conflict Resolution Skills

Even when conflicts seem inevitable and impossible to reconcile, sometimes a few simple conflict resolution skills can help you take a step back from the situation, clarify the nature of the conflict, and start working toward a resolution. Once you start practicing these skills, it is amazing how of

Pack Your Bags, It's Time to Move

When our days seem darkest, that's when we need to depend on the power of God in our lives. He's the only one who can move us into His marvelous light.

Sermons on Christmas Review

Sermons play an important role during the Christmas season. They help people to stay connected to Christ during the holiday season. Therefore different Christmas sermon products have come to the present world and the 2012 ...

When Does Lent 2016 Begin?

The season of Lent, the time of preparation for Easter Sunday, begins on a different day each year. When does Lent 2016 begin?

Malicious Claims About Atheists: A Sign of Just How Despised Atheists Are?

There is some debate over just how despised and hated atheists really are in America. Surveys reveal more distrust and animus towards atheists than towards almost any other group, but at the same time atheists don't appear to be routinely victimized by hate crimes. Given the ambiguous nature of

Announcing a Spiritual Technology for the Atomic Age.

Attention all with an interest in a Quantum Mechanical Interpretation of the Bible. For the First Time in human history: We are Pleased to announce that just such a Thing is NOW Available!!! This revolutionary ...

Reflections On The Fermi Paradox

The author reevaluates the mystery of the Fermi Paradox in the light of humankind's own potential to explore the stars, and he concludes that alien visitation in the past has to be more likely than unlikely. In the process he notes a timing correlation between two possible signs of alien presen

Education For the Youth by Their Way

What can be done if you really want to educate? Ongoing crisis in education, increasing violence and low achievement reflects a sad state of the education system.

Freetarot And Freetarotreading

Freetarot and freetarotreading are both a great way to tell your future. As you may very well know life sometimes is not easy and you will find your self in so many different situations that you have never encountered before.

Is it OK to Use "Church" and "Revolution" in the Same Sentence?

In the '60s, various church people cried out, "God is dead!" People meant that "church" had become utterly meaningless to a normal person's daily life -- just as if "God" had "died". Lot of people still feel that way today. The Old Testament prophet