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Why Nigerians Are the Happiest People on Earth

You may be wondering why Nigerians are arguably called the happiest people on earth. It may also sound very funny to say that people living in an underdeveloped or developing country as the case may be are happy much more to be the happiest people in the world.

Positive vs Negative

I don't want to be negative, I am trying so hard but in the world are so many negative things I cannot help but notice the devastation, losses, crisis, conflicts, tragedy. I don't ev

Choosing The Best Swimsuit For You!

Yes, the summer is here and you can hear the sun, the pool, vacation, the beach calling. And the bathing suit, that swimsuit, the bikini maybe. But are you ready? You are online, you have teed up the

How can You Be Yourself in a Workplace of Giant Egos

How can you be who you really are in a corporate, government, or nonprofit workplace when you are around giant egos that challenge you and seek to control you and get the better of you day in and day

Famous People With Dyslexia

Dyslexia is a disorder in which the individual finds it difficult to learn spellings, read or even solve mathematical problems. However, history has proved that dyslexic people can also be successful in their own right in spite of their difficulties.

How Rear View Cameras Work?

Hoping to bypass the growing throng of irritated commuters frustrated with the slow commute, you take a left turn down a narrow street. The traffic is much better, and you quickly find out why as you

Recycling Ewaste

Recycling electronic waste, eWaste, has become a serious, global problem. Lead, cadmium, mercury, hexavalent chromium and other toxic chemicals are commonly found within modern electronic equipment. People are getting ill and the environment is being damaged on a large scale. A majority of the elect

Christmas Celebration Activities, Traditions & Wishes

Christmas is one of such event which is celebrated in good spirits in every parts of the world. Not only Christian but non-Christian also takes part in this occasion by showing brotherhood to their Ch

Toxicity Of Artificial Sweeteners

People use artificial sweeteners when they suffer from diseases such as diabetes mellitus or are concerned about dental caries and periodontal disease or because they wish to lose or to avoid gaining

The Miracle Whale and 2012

A recurring motif of end-time predictions about the year 2012 is nature being "out of joint." This dislocation of the natural order of things manifests itself not only in disasters such as mega-earthquakes and monster hurricanes, but also in the phenomenon of our fellow creatures behaving

New Gift Card Rules

As someone who's spent a substantial amount of time brainstorming prize pools for various online and in-store promotions, I have to say that I was happy to learn of the Fed's ruling today on gift cards. Allow me to explain. As gift cards have grown in popularity throughout the years, retai

Intelligence, insecurity and Nigeria's economy

The killings in some parts of Nigeria including bombings, kidnappings and fatal armed robbery attacks being perpetrated on a daily basis with barefaced brutality must stop if this economy is to surviv

Oil to Die For

Is oil important enough to lose your life over? On every level that question must be answered no.

The Hereditary Defective

In 1936 (other sources list the date as 1934), a 20-minute silent documentary film was first shown in Germany.Titled Erbkrank (loosely translated into English as The Hereditary Defective), it was presented as an educational film by the racial affairs branch of the Nazi Party.

Star Trek Online Season 1.1 Patch Notes

It is just for you the translation to a large patch for Star Trek Online Season 1.1 ready made and wish you much fun with thinning of all Star Trek Online innovations!someone enjoy Star Trek Online first since Season.If you have followed the engineering reports you should already know most of the up

Why Let A Cyber Stalker Ruin Your Internet Experience?

The Internet should always be a place where individuals can explore, learn, and have fun. This, however, is not always the case. When you are being harassed by a cyber stalker that is ruining your online experience, contact an expert that can perform a reverse email trace, revealing their identity.