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How to Make Picture Buttons With a Camera & Monitor

Buttons and politicians go hand in hand, but photo buttons can be used for more than just getting out the vote. Use photo buttons to identify different branches of a family at a reunion, sell them at fund-raisers for schools and churches or help raise money for sports teams. Capture graduation or bi

Planning For Your Family Portraits

Family portraits are treasures. They capture a piece of your life and preserve it for generations. Sadly, any family can experience tragic losses at any time.So, it is very important to preserve your family memories and images as legacies for you and your family's future.When was the last time

Earn Extra Money - Sell Your Photos Online

The opportunity to earn some extra money will always be welcomed by most people. But many don't know how to go about it so don't even try and pursue the idea.

Things to Do in Sedona, Arizona - Photography

The first of a series of "things to do" while you vacation in Sedona. Why not bring your camera and come to Sedona for some of the most beautiful scenery in the world?

How to Choose a Tripod Head for Outdoor Photography

Tripods are used by many different photographers in all genres of photography. The design, height, weight and ease of use are all important considerations when selecting a tripod. At the top of the tripod is the “head,” where the camera is attached. On more advanced models, you buy the t

How to Fix Your Pictures for Free

Fixing your pictures can sometimes involve purchasing expensive photo editing software. However, you can upload your photos to a free photo-editing website to correct most issues, such as sizing, red-eye and discoloration. You can also download free software for your particular operating system, and

What Is Sepia Toning?

Sepia toning is specialized photographic process designed to produce images that have a tint of light to medium brown in them. When they are produced in a traditional darkroom, this process would not only change the appearance of the final print, but would also extend its archival qualities as a res

Prime Vs Zoom Lenses - Camera Lessons

If a budding photographer looks to upgrade a lens the choices seem endless. Point and shoot cameras come equipped with a zoom lens permanently attached so I'm really talking about those with DSLR cameras. Back in the day, serious photographers had a variety of fixed focal length lenses in their

Top Tips in Getting the Right Wedding Photographer for Your Wedding Day

There are quite a few variations in the style of wedding photography. The style of wedding photography depends on the type of photographer your wedding photographer is. Is he someone who visualizes through his camera in the traditional way or someone who does creative shots.

Cell Phone Cameras to the Rescue

You always carry your cell phone with you and if it has a built in camera you can capture special moments to share with others. It has opened many opportunities to take that perfect picture.

Characteristics of a Good Photograph

A good photo captures a memorable moment in time.surfer jumping on waves image by PETER LAKOMY from Fotolia.comEvery art form is subjective, but for some the instant they look at a photograph they have a reaction. If the viewer smiles, gets emotional or ganders at the photograph longer...

Nightclub Lighting Effects

Lighting effects used to enhance the nightclub experience began with the invention of electricity, and the dance halls of the 1920s. Age-old tricks used to enhance natural light were applied to electrical lighting fixtures, including refraction, reflection and color filtering. Dimming and electrical

The Most Important Features of a Camera

Obviously the most important thing you want in a camera is good image quality. Well that's pretty obvious, but what type of features should a photographer be looking for when deciding which camera to purchase? ...

A Comprehensive Guide to Green Screen Studio

A green screening is a process of digitally superimposing any desired graphic at the background of the subject. The background is either green or blue in color.

Never Buy a Greeting Card Again

The greeting card has been around for centuries. In the early 1400's hand made paper greeting cards were found throughout Europe. Prior to that messages were etched on wood and stone. Papyrus scrolls were used ...

Cameras and Digital Imaging Are Used to Capture the Moment Perfectly

The article shows how cameras and digital imaging work together.We all have photos that we want restored.We can have it done professionally or we can do it ourselves.Yes, we can.Our photographs usually take a back seat when it comes to a list of priority of expenses.

7 Simple Digital Photography Tips For 2010

It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned photographer or if your new camera appeared under the Christmas Tree this year. New Year's Eve tends to make people reflect over the past year and look forward to new possibilities in the coming year. Tradition has it that we should make some sort of