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Major Bilberry Extract Skin Benefits

A bilberry is a berry which is popular around Great Britain and can give a person many health assets including a few skin benefits. Bilberries have been used as food for hundreds of years by ...

What You Need to Know About GMOs

What do soda, fast food French fries, margarine, salad dressing, and corn flakes all have in common? They all contain GMOs (genetically modified organisms) also know as genetically modified or engineered foods. Read on for answers to the most commonly asked questions about GMOs.

What Is Niacin Used For? 5 Reasons You Should Take It!

Have you ever seen niacin on the back of a dietary supplement or in a food and wondered what it really does. This article shares how the body uses it and what happens if someone doesn't get enough of it.

Coconut Water - The Fluid of Life

In addition to natural sugars, it contains a composite array of vitamins and minerals, which makes it a healthy beverage. Coconut water is high in potassium, chlorides, calcium, and magnesium, with a modest amount of sodium, sugar, and protein. It is essentially fat-free. While the mineral substance

Secrets of Food Combining

The observance of rules of food combining is neither faddish nor eccentric. It is a simple, scientifically-based system of selecting foods, from among different types, which are compatible. This facilitates easy and efficient digestion and ensures after-meal comfort.

Anti-Aging Smoothies - For Good Health!

Start off your day with €smoothies€ and pack in a punch of rich anti-oxidant blends of fruit, vegetables and nut milk, perhaps! Part of the excitement of going for smoothies is the concept of putting ...

Top 5 Reasons to Go Organic

Picture yourself sitting down to a picnic of fresh strawberries, ripe juicy apples and a head of sweet crispy lettuce.You are 3 feet away from a scenic lake overlooking lush greens, the weather is perfect and you are ready for an afternoon feast.

Facts About Eating Healthy You Should Know About

Eating healthy is far more beneficial for your health than helping you lose a little weight. When you eat healthy you give yourself more athletic abilities, become smarter, and can even reduce a chance of a heart problems or cancer. Facts about eating healthy include the reducing anxiety and feeling

Natural Foods Can Make You Successful?

When you want to achieve success, making one change at a time is a technique that brings results. You may be surprised to discover that one of the most beneficial changes you can make towards ...

Health Educator, previous owner of Healthy Elements

Water Softeners: The Good, Bad and the Ugly. For decades hard water has clogged pipes, ruined appliances, destroyed facets, clouded glassware and in other words, become a nightmare for the home/property owner. Over 80 percent ...

Juicers Reviews - What to Expect

In the recent months it has become evident that things go into store bought juices that we should not be drinking and that has led to many people looking for more natural ways to get juice. Of course you can go out and purchase a juice that says it is all natural, but you will not know whether or no

Traveling a Lot? Here Are Some Tips to Eat Clean on the Road!

All the time I get asked great questions about working out and dieting while traveling. One person asked me a question that I also had questions about at first, "I am on the road A LOT with work and it is so hard to stick to a diet while traveling so frequently. Any pointers or tips to that can

The Most Effective Supplement During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most difficult, yet most proud period of a woman. Therefore the thing that takes the most care of any mother is their diet during the time. The article will tell a personal experience of the author.

Everything You Need to Know About Fats

Fats are great sources of energy and we need to them in order for our bodies to function and absorb essential nutrients from the foods we eat. When fats are eaten in full moderation, it can yield to good health.

Five Health Benefits Of Olive Oil

This is a brief article about the fabulous culinary delight that is olive oil. Other than providing the perfect cooking ingredient, olive oil also has a variety of health benefits which are described in this article.

Unexpected Fat Burning Foods - Avocados Can Help You Burn Fat

In all our years as professional coaches in the health and wellness field, we've observed that almost everybody is shocked to learn some of our suggestions for fat burning foods that are excellent for weight loss and for overall wellness. Avocados are one of those so-called "fattening"

Your Nutritional Guide To Dealing With Leaky Gut Syndrome

If you've done the research and have confirmed that you are in fact dealing with leaky gut syndrome, it's time to take action immediately and begin looking at what you can do from a nutritional point of view to get this situation under control. Unfortunately many people often feel helpless

Eat Healthy on a Budget - Part Two

In the first part I covered my first 6 suggestions for eating healthy on a budget. To recap they were: make the healthiest choices you can like buying local produce in season whenever possible; take advantage of inexpensive and versatile vegetables like cabbage, potatoes, onions, garlic, celery and