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Juniper Berry Facts

The juniper berry, also known as the juniper fruit, comes from the juniper tree (Juniperus spp.), an evergreen from the cypress family. For the first two years, the fruit are green; then they ripen into soft, blue-black berries that are easily pressed between the fingers.

Botanical Gardens Description

Botanical gardens have been around for centuries and they exist in many cities all over the world. From the very beginning, they have always been a source of plants that have been used for scientific study and conservation purposes. These gardens are also beautiful places for people to enjoy nature

How to Cut & Separate Peony Roots

Peonies are any plants in the Paeonia genus and are generally hardy perennials with a high tolerance for cold. They're known for their spectacular blooms in early summer, but they must be transplanted carefully. You'll usually propagate peonies by cutting the roots of a mature plant into sections an

When to Plant Lisianthus?

Lisianthus is a native prairie flower that has come into cultivation as a cut flower. The seeds of the plant come from small pods that form after the flowers are finished. The tiny seeds germinate in about nine days and can be started indoors or out.

How to Grow Peruvian Pepper Trees

Peruvian pepper trees, also known as California pepper trees, are a dicot plant species from South America found in tropical locations of the United States such as California and Florida. These plants grow quickly and can reach a height of about 30 feet when mature. Often used to make pink peppercor

My Banana Leaves Are Brown & Wilting

The banana plant claims membership in the Musaceae family and is native to southeast Asia. Several afflictions can bring on a browning and wilting of the leaves of this otherwise vigorously-growing, herbaceous plant.

Fungus Disease on Red Currant

Red currant plants, known for their vigor and large red berries, grow best in U.S. Department of Agriculture Plant Hardiness Map zones 3 and 4. However, fungal diseases can reduce red currants' vigor and cause damage to nearby trees.

Possible Problems Encountered With Walnut Trees

Walnut trees can cause toxicity in other neary plants.walnut image by RT from Fotolia.comWalnut trees offer valuable benefits including hardwood lumber used in a variety of products. Also, the nuts from the tree are a nutritious food source for humans and wildlife alike. But walnut trees...

Chrysanthemum Plants

When summer annuals begin to fade chrysanthemums -- mums for short -- can provide a pop of color in any garden. These perennial plants bloom in response to shortened days and longer nights in colors ranging from white to bronze and purple. They do take a little care, but once you know what they need

How to Cut Back a Lemon Tree

Lemons are small, yellow citrus fruits that grow on trees. They have a thick rind and fleshy pulp that protects the seeds inside. The tart taste of lemons make them a zesty accompaniment to many types of dishes. The chemical properties of the acid in lemons are used in various culinary and non-culin

When to Start Planting Kale

Kale is a common ornamental plant that also has crisp green or pink leaves that are great in salads. You can grow kale just about anywhere in the country, but this crop has the best chances of being productive if you plant it at the right time.

The Best Fertilizers for Angel's Trumpet

Long, pendent, bell-shaped flowers that look like miniature ball gowns grace the branches of angel's trumpets (Brugmansia spp.) during the warm months of the year. Frost-free conditions and a fertile, moist but well-drained soil allows these tropical shrubs to prosper. In U.S. Department of Agricult

How to Prepare Texas Soil for Tomatoes

Tomatoes are a popular plant for growing in the vegetable garden. However, growing great tomatoes is not as easy as some people would like. Tomatoes require growing conditions that are not always immediately available in Texas. They include specific growing temperatures, moisture requirements and so

Grass Watering Systems

Hose-mounted, portable sprinklers require no installation and are easy to move.sprinkler image by palms from Fotolia.comSod and newly sprouted seeds require immediate and consistent irrigation. When choosing a grass watering system, the homeowner must consider its basic characteristics:...

How to Regrow a Stalk of Dracaena Massangeana

Dracaena Massangeana makes an ideal houseplant. It can tolerate bright light and dim areas and it thrives in the year-round warm temperatures found indoors. The plant, Dracaena fragrans "Massangeana," goes by the common name of corn plant. The long narrow leaves grow 3 feet long and 4 inch

What Jobs or Household Things Did the Women Do in the Renaissance Era?

During the Renaissance, a term used to refer to the 1400s to 1600s, very few women were employed outside of the home. Those who were employed earned considerably less than males doing the same job. Women were not routinely admitted to universities, were not able to vote, and could not join craft gui

How to Water and Feed Hydroponics

Whether you want fresh tomatoes year-round or simply don't have a big yard, hydroponic gardening is a great alternative. In a hydroponic garden plants are suspended in a soilless growing medium and receive their nutrients through a carefully calculated liquid mixture. The most foolproof hydroponic m

What is a Weed Killer That Will Not Kill Grass?

Weeds occur in most lawns throughout the United States, but tend to become serious problems in ones that are poorly maintained. Lawns that are well fertilized, irrigated and mowed have the best chance to keep weeds at bay. While it is difficult for even healthy laws to be completely weed free, there

How to Prune a 3-Year-Old Blueberry Bush

Blueberry bushes are increasing in popularity in gardens across the country. Home gardeners who plant blueberry bushes find that it takes a few years before the plants produce significant fruit. Three-year old bushes are old enough to produce quality fruit and require annual pruning to develop the s

How to Plant Horse Chestnuts

The horse chestnut family (Aesculus spp.) consists of 15 species of deciduous shrubs and trees. The large-sized tree native to Europe grows more than 100 feet tall and is not suited for smaller gardens. Horse chestnut, also referred to as buckeye, blooms with 7-inch panicles of white flowers, referr