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Tube Saw Guide

A tube or pipe saw guide is a device to help you make a clean, even, straight cut. There are several types of tube saw guides available. Each is developed for a different type of saw or application.

How to Clean a K-Tec Blender

K-Tec is the maker of the Blendtec "Total Blender," which is a high end blender with a variety of functions. The Total Blender uses a touch pad and has pre-programmed cycles for frozen yogurt, crushing ice, fondue, sauces, dressing and batter. When the cycle is completed, the blender shuts off autom

Information on Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are designed to fit inside a pre-existing fireplace or firebox made of metal or masonry materials. They add visual appeal to the fireplace as well as increase the heating efficiency of the gas.

What You Should Know When Figuring Roof Replacement Cost

Lets face it, if you own a home you will probably need to replace the roof at some point. As you are probably aware, this is one of the highest expenses a home owner can incur, but one of the most necessary tasks.

Essential Tools For Diy Carpentry And Home Improvement

Nowadays, a tool virtually exists even for the most specific of tasks. While it is good to have the correct tool for the job, it might be more practical to purchase the bare essentials first. Tools, after all, are an investment: some can be very expensive, but are a worthwhile purchase should you de

How to Replace the Clutch in a Homelite Chainsaw

A Homelite chainsaw's clutch spins at high speeds, in excess of 10,000 rpms, which causes a lot of heat and friction. Over time, the heat and friction grinds down the clutch shoes, wear out the spring and damage the sprocket. When the clutch does not operate properly, the chain spins poorly or not a

How to Cut Paneling

When you cut paneling for a house or home remodeling project, you need to insure that it doesn't splinter and fray. All paneling is essentially either a thin wood veneer or plywood with sandwiched layers of pressed wood. Although sturdy and long lasting when used right, panels need to be cut with ca

Types of Electrical Wire or Cable

Non-metallic sheathed wire brings power from the circuit breaker to the load.electrical box image by jimcox40 from Fotolia.comResidential electric wiring is made of a good metal conductor, usually copper, that is insulated with plastic. More than one single wire strand is usually enclosed...

Choose The Right Lite Source Lamps For Your New Home

It is your own space, your own way and your own rules. Best of all it is your own first venture to adventure. Finding the right lite source lamps would be a great start. The right light can make your rooms more spacious or more relaxed. The lighting style is entirely up to you.

How to Keep a Brass Doorknob From Turning Green

When brass turns green, it means that oxygen in the atmosphere is decaying the metal through oxidation, leaving a thin film called patina. High levels of humidity speed the process, and jewelry, fixtures or even doorknobs made of brass can turn greenish, staining skin that comes into contact with th

How to Strip a Driveway

Stripping sealant from a driveway allows you to remove layers of old, flaking sealant that can build up over the years. This do-it-yourself project will take approximately a weekend to complete, depending upon the size of the driveway. Once you are finished, apply a new coat of sealant to guard the

Choosing Your New Roofer

A home can never be properly protected if it doesn't have a solid, resistant and durable roof. Hence whether you are constructing a new roof or need to repair your old one, you must find ...

Properties of Ductile Cast Iron

Ductile cast iron is the product of years of research. For years, metallurgists sought an alloy with the strength of cast iron but without its brittleness. In 1943, at the International Nickel Company Research Laboratory, Keith Dwight Millis added a copper-magnesium alloy to traditional cast iron. T