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How to Make a Shoe Cubby Bench

A shoe bench has a dual purpose. You can store shoes in it as well as use it as a place to sit. When building one, you need to take both of these uses into account. The bench will need to be long enough to store a few pairs of shoes and also needs to high enough for a comfortable sitting height. Thi

Vinyl Fences Vs. Wood

There seems to be much debate over whether you should install a vinyl or wood fence around your yard. The question is a reasonable one as wood is less expensive to build and install. But the question is whether the cost over time is worth it. You should consider the look you want, the budget you hav

How Tall a Fence Do You Need for a Coyote?

As coyotes become common sights in cities and suburbs nationwide, homeowners are becoming concerned about how to keep them out of yards. But how tall a fence should be to discourage coyotes may depend more on local zoning law than the jumping ability of Canis latrans. Many municipalities limit fence

How to Test the Lawn Mower Ignition Coil

The ignition coil on your lawn mower, just like the one in your car, acts as a transformer to transfer and increase voltage from the battery to the spark plug. When you start your lawn mower, the battery sends a quick charge to the magnetized coils in the ignition coil. The charge travels through th

Desert Style Landscape Plants

Having a garden in a desert may seem like an impossible feat, but in reality you can landscape your yard with a variety of desert plants if you live in a dry environment. Start with plants that grow naturally in your area; they are the most likely candidates to thrive in your landscape....

Do I Use a Roller on My Lawn Before or After the Grass Seed?

New lawns can be started by laying sod squares, or by growing new grass plants from seed. Growing a new lawn from seed is cheaper than sod, although the lawn takes longer to become established. If you plant grass seed, take measures to keep wind and water from relocating the seed after planting. Eve

Holiday Decorating - Tips For Easy Containers

Here's an easy way to dress up your outdoor containers for the holidays using a variety of cut evergreens. This arrangement provides a lot of visual interest due to the variation in texture and color. ...

How to Insulate Pizza Oven Hearths

An insulated pizza oven hearth makes it possible for the oven to reach its maximum temperature. Cooking pizza fast at temperatures around 900 degrees F gives the crust a roasted flavor and crisp texture. Hearth openings left completely uncovered allow the pizza oven's accumulated heat to escape. A f

How to Make Pea Gravel Sidewalk

Pea gravel is round, tiny rocks that are similar in shape and size to peas. People use pea gravel for creating sidewalks and pathways instead of traditional concrete for many different reasons. Pea gravel is much less time-consuming than installing a concrete sidewalk and it does not require the use

How to Paint a Deck With an Airless Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers work by pressurizing paint using a small pump. The pressurized paint comes out of the paint gun under extreme pressure and is controlled by a nozzle on the end of the spray gun. Used correctly, airless guns are extremely efficient. You can easily paint almost any deck in one a

Outdoor Fire Pit

If your outdoor fire pit will be installed on the ground, then it be a built-in one. Having a built-in fire pit means that you have to have it installed on a fixed location. Either on a ground, or an outdoor wall or post. You can also have a fixed concrete built to hold your outdoor fire pit.

Indian Hawthorn Leaf Spots

Few shrubs in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10 can match Indian hawthorn’s (Rhaphiolepis spp.) contributions to your garden. As an evergreen, it is suitable for foundation plantings or hedges. It produces showy flowers, which are followed by berries that feed b

How to Prepare a Yard for New Sod

Sod is a way to get a lush, green lawn instantly, but there's more to it than laying squares of sod on the dirt. A successful lawn depends on properly prepared soil with the right balance of soil pH and nutrients in order for the sod to grow instead of wither. Preparing the soil for laying sod begin

How to Remove a Node From a Tree

The knowledge of how to properly prune a tree should be in every gardener's basic skill set. Good pruning cuts not only keep a tree healthy and growing strongly, but are the main way of determining a tree's shape and overall growth habit. Poor pruning can lead to introduction of disease or weaken th

Contributing Factors in the Loss of Topsoil

Topsoil is normally the most soil-rich part of the soil, allowing farmers to grow abundant crops.Few pay attention to the ecological crisis known as soil erosion because soil is often taken for granted. But various forces are causing a rapid loss of topsoil at rates that are faster than

Cleaning Instructions for a Lyman Press

The Lyman Press is used to pack and seal bullets of various sizes. The process of packing and sealing bullets can be messy, as it is easy to spill powder and die while filling the shells. It is important to keep the work area around the Lyman Press clean and tidy, due to the explosive nature of the

How to Paint Decorative Concrete Pavers

Decorative concrete pavers are used to create walkways in your landscape. Painting your concrete pavers allows you to enhance the designs of the pavers with colors. Choose colors in your landscape for a harmonious look or choose complementary colors for a vibrant contrasting walking path. Since conc

How to Change a Snowblower Oil Filter

When a snowstorm hits, you want your snowblower to start right up. Maintaining the machine is not difficult. Keep the engine full of fresh fuel and be sure the air filters are clean. Start each storm season with a fresh filter and fresh oil. You can change the oil and oil filter in a few minutes.