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Homemade Kitchen Granite Cleaner

Granite provides natural stone beauty to kitchen countertops and tiles. The granite may be either smooth and lustrous or mildly rough and natural. Granite requires different care than man-made materials, as it is more prone to damage and staining from improper cleaning. While granite cleaners are re

Concrete Maintenance

Concrete is a low-maintenance material that is used to build almost everything these days--from floors and porches to counter tops and sinks. Although concrete is low maintenance, wear does happen. From oil stains to cracks, your concrete will show that it is not indestructible over time. With prope

Comparison of Black & Decker Iron Model 5000 to Model D2030

Black and Decker may be best known for their tools, but the company also makes a line of home appliances, including coffee makers, blenders, toaster ovens and steam irons. The Black and Decker 5000 and D2030 irons have a variety of different features and are sold online or in many home retail or app

How to Remove Copper From Commodes

If the pH of your water is low (below 7.0), you have acid water, which can cause your water lines to corrode and leach copper into your water. The copper residue can build up inside your commode after awhile, leaving behind a blue-green stain wherever the copper settles. The copper can temporarily d

How to Clean and Shine Wood Floors

Cleaning wood floors seems like it'd be a simple task similar to any other hard surface, but the truth is that mopping and using certain cleaners can damage a wood floor over the long run. Proper cleaning and shining of a wood floor needs to be done by hand and using the correct products. The high m

How to Remove Marker Stains From Clothes

A marker stain can ruin clothing if not treated properly. Whether the stain is from a permanent marker, dry erase marker or even so-called washable marker, treating the stain as quickly as possible is the key to effectively removing it. Don't throw away the clothing just because there is marker on i

How to Get Rid of a Sewage Smell in Heater Ducts

When you first turn on your heater after several months of not using it, it is normal to smell a musty odor or a slight burning smell. Other smells, however, such as sewage, are not a normal smell for your heating system and need to be eliminated. By narrowing down the source of the smell, you can m

How to Remove Sticky Adhesive From Alum Tubing

Aluminum tubing is often sold "raw," with no packaging except a small sticker with product information. If the sticker is plastic and the tubing is cold, it might easily come off and leave no residue behind. More often, though, the sticker is paper and it tears into pieces when you attempt to remove

How to Age Brass Hardware

Are you looking to add that extra vintage look to the brass hardware in your home? Depending upon the color and look you are going for, there are several methods by which you can age your brass hardware on cabinets, sinks and other household items. Most of these methods are quite simple and only r

How to Use Baking Soda to Unclog a Toilet

We've all struggled with a clogged toilet before. Plunging is messy and unpleasant, and chemicals can have harsh fumes and toxins that shouldn't be flushed into our environment. Surprisingly, a combination of baking soda and vinegar is a greener way to unclog any type of drain safely and easily.

How to Get Rid of Slow Cooker Hot Spots

Crock pots are kitchen appliances that allow cooks to slowly cook meals throughout the day. They work over long time frames like four to six hours and can be used for a wide variety of meals. This has many benefits; however, some crock pots develop "hot spots" that reach over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Do I Clean Black Fiberglass Mesh Window Screens?

Clean black fiberglass mesh window screens are a vibrant black that make the house look clean and well-tended. Black fiberglass mesh window screens collect dust in the mesh from the air. This makes the black mesh look dusty and reduces visibility through the screen. Clean black fiberglass mesh windo

How to Remove Paint From Paneling

Removing paint from paneling is a delicate process if you want to preserve the paneling, because you can't scrape the paint off. Scraping the paint with a putty knife can damage the wood underneath it. Instead, you must dissolve the paint and gently scrub it off with a soft bristle brush. If you're

How to Remove Ink Stains From Synthetic Carpet Fibers

Synthetic carpets, such as polyester and nylon, are recognized for their simple maintenance, practicality and resistance to wear. Although synthetic carpet fibers absorb little moisture, they are not completely impervious to ink stains from writing materials. Bold, unsightly ink stains stand out on

How to Make Your Own Cleaning Solution for Steam Cleaner Vacuums

Steam cleaner vacuums turn water into a vapor steam that cleans your carpets. You don't always have to spend money on expensive liquid cleaning products for your steam cleaner vacuum. You can make an effective cleaning solution from items that you already have at home. A good cleaner will penetrate

How to Remove Baby Stains

Baby's clothes inevitably become stained. From diaper blowouts and spit-up to baby food and formula, many substances are likely to leave a stain. However, most baby stains can be removed, especially if you treat them quickly.

Suede Cleaning Directions

Whether you have a suede jacket, furniture, shoes or some other item, you probably take special care of such items to avoid cleaning them. Because of the special nature of suede, it is easy to damage it beyond repair. Try a few special cleaning techniques to remove stains, but if you do not have suc

How to Paint Baseboards and Protect Carpet

When painting baseboards, you want to do your very best to protect your carpet. Although carpet is always at risk while painting a room, painting baseboards and trim puts your carpet at the greatest risk. Paint your baseboards properly and take the proper precautions and this will not be as much o