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How to Identify a Frigidaire Dishwasher by Model Number

It's hard to find replacement parts for Frigidaire dishwashers without their model number. Though many of these dishwashers can last years without problems, there are times when belts or other parts need to to replaced because of normal wear and tear. When you locate your Frigidaire model number, yo

Air Conditioners Changing to R410a Refrigerant

If you are in the market for a new air conditioning system you have an additional choice to make. Do you go with the old, soon to be discontinued R-22 refrigerant or do you make the switch to the new R-410a product? Many ac manufacturers have stopped manufacturing equipment that relies on R-22 alrea

How to Clean the Water Reservoir in a Kenmore Refrigerator

All Kenmore refrigerators have a reservoir of water in the bottom. This is where the water leaks when the freezer automatically defrosts itself. The water can get smelly and grow mold, however, if you don't clean the reservoir regularly. Fortunately, the pan that holds the water is simple to remove

Instructions for a Scotts Riding Lawnmower

Scotts markets a wide variety of gasoline-powered riding lawnmowers. These mowers can cut grass, mulch the clippings and vacuum the lawn. As a small tractor, these machines can pull a variety of attachments including dump trailers, plows, tillers and thatch-pulling tongs to clean the soil of built-u

How to Test a Circuit Breaker With a Voltmeter

Circuit breakers constitute one of your home's most basic safety features. Each one cuts off power to a certain part of the house when the voltage in the wiring surges past a certain point. That keeps lights and electrical appliances from overloading, which can cause a short and possibly a fire. Whe

HVAC - An Introduction to Central and Local Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in the home has a few principal functions. These principles include controlling the temperature, the humidity, and maintaining the atmosphere quality.Heating and cooling systems are classified into two groups: Central and local systems.

Mounting a Vizio HDTV 32 in the Kitchen

If you happened on the Vizio 32 when shopping and made it your TV of choice, you are in luck. There are other options for you. The flatness and lighter weight of your flat panel screen allows you a freedom of choice not offered from the older televisions. Your design is so sleek, it hardly makes sen

How to Size a Ceiling Fan for a Room

The size of a ceiling fan is the overall diameter of its blades. To work most efficiently, a fan must be sized appropriately to the room. This simple guide shows you how to measure your room and choose the right size of fan based on your measurements.

Room Heaters - Choose The Best

As the winter arrive people start mulling over buying the best room heaters. Market gets flooded with variety of heaters, each claiming to be the worth to your money.

How to Use Vinegar to Clean a Washing Machine

Sometimes no matter what you try, you can't get rid of that musty smell coming from your washing machine. Before you make a trip to the appliance store, try Grandma's trick: vinegar. White vinegar tops the list for removing stubborn odors, and will give your washer a new outlook on the meaning of th

Refrigerator Condensate Leaks

Refrigerators accumulate condensation according to the humidity of the air inside your home and the frequency with which you open your refrigerator door. Condensate leaks can be a nuisance; they are difficult to track down and can quickly damage your floor and the refrigerator itself. One way to fin

Pool Cleaning Machines

Using the right cleaning machine can help you make your pool clean and safe.Swimming pool and pool house image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comProper pool maintenance is essential for maintaining water that is both safe to swim in and visibly appealing. While keeping the proper chemical...

Refrigerators and Hygiene - A Few Guidelines!

Not too many people take their refrigerator's hygiene very seriously. But I feel they should. You'd be amazed by how easy it is to do this if you are simply willing to follow a small number of guidelines.

How to Ground a Dishwasher

A dishwasher that short circuits can do more than injure you, it can deliver a fatal shock. That's why grounding a dishwasher properly is an important part of the installation procedure. By grounding an appliance, you give the electricity inside the unit an escape route, rather than letting it build

Machines For Washing Clothes

A washing machine which is used much more frequently than a home washing machine and mainly for commercial purposes can be called a commercial washing machine. When it comes to commercial washers, durability and functionality is more important than style and most makers need to keep this thing in mi

How to Clean an Old Gas Stove

Older gas ovens tend to build up a layer of grease and grime if not kept clean on a regular basis. The process of deep cleaning an oven requires a complete shell cleaning, burner cleaning and internal cleaning. The process will take several hours and require a lot of hard work. The result will be an

How do I Troubleshoot a Bosch SHE58C Dishwasher?

Your Bosch SHE58C dishwasher has likely made life easier since you bought it. No more standing at the sink up to your elbows in soapy water after every meal. Instead, you just load all the dishes into the "magic cupboard" that has appeared in your kitchen, set it when it's full and your china, pots