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Best Consultation For Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal is a procedure by which you can remove unwanted hair from the body with the help of laser. Laser hair removal procedures offer a permanent solution for getting rid of unwanted hair, but a series of treatment is required to achieve optimal results. Laser hair removal procedures wor

How to Apply Make Up the Correct Way

While there are numerous makeup styles, you can use the same basic application method to create an everyday face or for bolder shades, should you choose to wear them. Outlined here are techniques that will work for you whether you are new to makeup, or have been wearing it for a long time but are un

How to Clean White Bates Shoes

Bates Footwear designs and manufactures leather footwear for personal and professional use including military dress. White Bates shoes are white leather Oxfords for men and women. Each shoe has a non-marking, white outsole, white polishable upper and laces, breathable lining and a cushioned removabl

Is It Bad to Shampoo Daily?

Find out if it's really bad to shampoo or wash your hair every day, plus, how to wash hair correctly (do you need to "rinse and repeat?").

How to Fold Bandanas

A bandana can be used as a fashion statement or to prevent sweat from running down your forehead during a long workout. No matter what the use may be, folding a bandana is a simple and easy task that can be achieved by almost anyone. With the right technique, you can even fit a bandana to eliminate

How to Keep Purse Straps From Sliding Off

Have you ever bought a purse that you absolutely loved, but ended up hating because the straps were constantly sliding off your shoulder? There is nothing graceful about fumbling with your purse trying to get money out while the handles are tangling you up. Sometimes, there are two handl

Teen Style Clothes of the Sixties

Teens of the 1960s defined themselves with mod, bold clothing.clothes image by Zbigniew Nowak from Fotolia.comThe teen style of the 1960s was creative and bold, according to William O'Neill, author of Coming Apart, a study of that turbulent decade. It was a decade of the "youthquake,"...

How to Make Sure a 14K Gold Ring Is Real Gold & Not Plated

Jewelry is not only an accessory, but it can also be an investment that can appreciate over time. If you are interested in purchasing gold but are concerned that you might get taken advantage of, there are a few things that you can look for to make sure that you are getting solid 14 karat gold and n

Expert Tips for Hair

Our experts offer simple steps to transform eyes, skin, lips, and hair from blah to beautiful.

How to Wash Sperry Shoes

The traditional Sperry shoe is a classic boat shoe with a white rubber sole and leather or suede upper. These shoes are popular for their non-marking soles which are comfortable and slip-resistant. Offering a variety of styles and options for men, women and children, Sperry shoes are shoes that neve

The Difference Between Fake Air Jordans & Real Ones

Fake copies of collectibles and designer clothing are widespread, and Air Jordan sneakers are both. The Michael Jordan line of sneakers may be the best-known athletic shoes in the world, so the counterfeit market for them is ripe--especially with online sales. The good news is that a trained eye can

Orofacial Reconstruction

Beauty is the most sought after thing among all. Men along with women do their best to look handsome and attractive. To look presentable is highly expected from everybody, especially in the world of glamour and fashion. This craze drives people to spend long hours in beauty parlor. Even they dont ge

1970s Ladies Fashion

In the 1970s, women's hemlines became daring. Hot pants and miniskirts were in, but females also wore long dresses, especially for dressy occasions. Trouser suits became popular, with flared pant bottoms and jacket tops.

How to Look Like a Victorian Goth

The Goth culture is very distinctive. People who identify themselves as "Goth" often wear black outfits and makeup, have piercings or tattoos, unusual hairstyles and often have purposefully pale skin. The Goth culture is also noted for having an obsession with depression and death. In this respect,

Tea Stain Removal From Clothes

You are enjoying your morning cup of Earl Grey or your evening mug of decaffeinated herb tea, or maybe you are indulging in high tea complete with biscuits and clotted cream and you spill some tea on your clothes. Do not panic. There are tried and true methods for removing tea stains from clothing.

Debra Messing

Do you love cocktail rings? Take a sneak peek at some of the cocktail rings celebrities are wearing and then use my links to steal their style.

Natural Ways to Take Great Care of Your Skin

There are many of natural skin care methods that work in taking care of your skin. Natural products, such as pure Moroccan Argan oil, can replace many synthetic and chemical beauty products.

How to Tell If a Tag Heuer Is Real

Tag Heuer has long been a premier name in men's watches. A Tag Heuer watch is a great gift to yourself, or to a loved one. There are plenty of great deals online for Tag Heuer, but you may find that some deals are too good to be true. Some merchants try to sell Tag Heuer replicas while representing