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Smoking Cessation News Page

Nearly half of Americans who once smoked eventually quit smoking. Here you'll find in-depth information successful smoking cessation techniques, nicotine patches, and other products to stop smoking for good.

Helpful Ways to Quit Smoking For Good

Smokers know how difficult it is to quit. If you have tried to quit before, chances you are back to smoking within a few short days or even hours upon trying to quit. You just don't have it in you to quit, until now. Read on to find out more about helpful ways to quit smoking for good.

Do You Really Want To Quit Smoking? Then You Must Read This Article

I want to preface this article by stating a few things:#1I smoked a pack a day (on average) for 15 years and walked away from cigarettes forever, so I have experience with quitting smoking.#2 I'm not going to attempt to sell you anything in order to help you quit.

Buy The Best E Cigarettes At The Most Affordable Wholesale Price

As time goes by, more inventions are made and improvements are also made to existing products. Cigarettes are one these products and have seen the production of electric cigarettes. There are a number of points that could help you get the best at affordable prices.

Resolving Weight Gain After Quitting Smoking

Many people know the bad effects of smoking and want to discontinue it but cannot help themselves. What makes them helplessness despite the wish to quit? The answer is they are sacred that if they quit smoking their weight will increase because to keep their mouth active all time they will eat a lot

Skippy Says Stop Smoking Today And He' ll Give You A Hugh

E-cigarettes are battery powered devices designed to look, feel, and tase like a real cigarette. Using e-cigs provide much more freedom than smoking cigarettes. They produce no smoke, thus, e-cigs may be smoked anywhere without the limitations of a real cigarette.

Top 5 Celebrity Rehab Centers In The United States

An exclusive article featuring the top 5 celebrity rehab centers in the United States. Information on where celebs like Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Ben Affleck have received addiction treatment plus the cost to stay in these renowned rehab facilities.

Science Behind Vaping Mods That Can Change the Life

Safe Cigarette is the best approach to stop your reliance on nicotine and once you jump the feel you will never think back. So when you are prepared to kick the propensity of smoking conventional ...

Misuse Of Benzodiazepine Drugs

When it comes to drugs that can be used successfully as treatment for anxiety, insomnia, agitation, seizures, muscle spasms, alcohol withdrawal as well as a premedication for medical or dental procedures, benzodiazepines are considered as ...

Do Stop Smoking Patches and Pills Really Work?

The million dollar question many people who want to quit smoking ask is, "Do pills and patches really work for quitting smoking?" The bottom line: It depends on the type of smoker and the type of addiction/habit they possess with their nicotine consumption, and then how you approach using

Crying Weed

Definition of the drug slang term 'Crying Weed' from the Alcoholism / Substance Abuse glossary of drug street terms.

Risks After Quitting - Taking Care of Yourself After Quitting Smoking

The use of tobacco in the past can still bring risks after quitting smoking. Cancer is the most common health danger to watch out for when you have had history of tobacco or cigarette use. It is important for ex-smokers to regularly consult their physicians to stay healthy and prevent diseases cause

The Real Benefits of Quitting Smoking

A former smoker explains how quitting smoking directly benefited his life. This article isn't as concerned with health facts as it is with real, pragmatic, profitable benefits to be gained by giving up cigarettes.