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Are There Hummingbird Feeders That Stop Wasps?

The group of insects commonly called wasps includes baldfaced hornets and yellowjackets. According to North Carolina Cooperative Extension, yellowjackets in particular often feed at hummingbird feeders. Several techniques can help you keep wasps away from feeders.

Bonsai Stands

Choosing the right bonsai stand is very important to give a touch of elegance and grandeur to your bonsai plant.This article will highlight some of the major aspects of choosing the right bonsai stand.

How to Care For Your Indoor Bonsai

It is important that you care for your indoor bonsai tree properly. By following a few steps, you can have a healthy beautiful bonsai tree in your home.

The Best Fertilizer for a Philodendron

When you mention philodendron, you may be referring to any of more than 200 species of plants. Only a few of these are commonly grown as houseplants, mainly because of their ease of care. Sunlight, water and fertilizer are all that is required to have a healthy philodendron.

Garden Perennial Planning

You can have beautiful color and flowers from early spring through fall if you plan your perennial garden well. The planning process may offer a challenge to start but will give you years of reward when your garden is planted and your flowers are in bloom. The goal of the plan is to pick the best lo

How to Grow and Dry Herbs

Many people are interested in growing and drying their own herbs for culinary, aromatic, medicinal and ornamental uses. The "Handbook on Herbs" by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden lists 73 different herbs. There are many types of growing methods available. Some novice growers start with rosemary, sage, b

Prairie Xeriscape Plants

Prairie smoke is a native wildflower widely cultivated in xeriscape gardens.Anna Yu/Photodisc/Getty ImagesThe prairie is a vast landscape in the center of America. It's characterized by rolling grasslands and can be a harsh environment subject to droughts and heavy snowfall, yet an...

Flowering Trees for a Roadside Curve

Flowering trees enhance the approach to a home or neighborhood -- and a curve in the road presents a natural setting for flowering trees. Many attractive landscape trees thrive in high-traffic areas. However, only select locally adapted flowering trees, keeping in mind their full size at maturity. P

When to Side Dress Your Tomato Garden

If you are growing tomatoes in your own home garden, it is important to side dress them so they become as big and juicy as possible. So when should you side dress?

Jump Start Your Garden With Plug Plants

It is that time of year again when thoughts turn to our gardens, and it doesn’t matter if you are a professional gardener, a hobbyist, or a novice, a perfect way to jump-start your garden is to ‘plug it’, in other words use plug plants, these plants that come in plug plant format h

The Life Cycle of a Sunflower Seed

Named for their resemblance to the sun, these flowers devotedly turn their heads to follow the sun as it passes through the sky, a natural and rare occurrence known as heliotropism. Before your beautiful sunflowers bloom and start following the sun, however, they will have to pass through other life

Two Wheel Garden Cart DIY

The wheelbarrow has been a gardening staple for centuries. Variations on the theme of one wheel, two handles and two legs have been around since at least the middle ages. Gardeners and landscapers have wrestled with these unwieldy beasts just because they have always been the traditional method for

Use of Organic Compost in Preparing Your Garden Soil

A good vegetable garden needs fertile and loam soil. This will enable the vegetable to grow healthy. A perfect garden soil is seldom available outdoors and the best way to naturally re-create the growing environment is to use organic compost.

How to Identify & Control Dogwood Anthracnose

Discula destructiva is an anthracnose fungus that attacks flowering dogwood trees, leading to lower branch dieback, leaf blight and leaf spots. The disease is present in the southeastern United States, threatening both wild and cultivated dogwoods. Cultural practices help trees fend off infection, b

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Service @Londoncleaners

Dust mites are everyplace and there's simply no escaping the actual fact that they're going to infest your carpets and if left to their own devices, every female can disenable to one hundred eggs throughout ...

Planting Bare Root Roses - Step by Step Instructions

Springtime is the time for new growth, new plants and a new look to your rose garden. If you want to plant some new bare root roses and be successful in the garden there are a few steps to take. Bare root roses are an inexpensive and great way to get a quick start in a new garden arrangement. Check