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6 Things to Consider When Taking Your Wedding Reception Outdoors

Having an outdoor wedding, whether in a park, by the beach or in your backyard can provide a lovely setting, great vistas for photos, and beautiful scenery without having to spend much on decoration. There are, however, important things to consider- and hidden costs-when taking your ceremony and rec

How to Plan a Perfect Wedding

Organising a wedding should not be seen as a daunting task. A perfect wedding can be achieved through proper planning and organisation. This article is full of tips and ideas and if properly followed, this tips will result in a memorable occasion.

Lovely Fall Bridesmaid Dresses

Fall will be here before you know it, so if you have not yet ordered the bridesmaid dresses for your autumn wedding, now is the time! The styles for fall are different than those you might choose for a summer wedding; they tend to be richer and more understated. Here are some suggestions on how to p

Info To Save Money On Wedding Reception Decorations

We all know that wedding preparations are really expensive especially if you are planning to follow all the latest trends. However, there is nothing to worry if you are low on budget because you can customize your decorations and do it the way you want to without spending a huge amount. Make your ow

Save More On An Environment-Friendly Wedding

Looking for yet another unique theme for a wedding? An environment-friendly wedding theme will not only save you money but will save the planet as well. Read here for more details.

How to Rent Potted Plants

Potted plants placed strategically around a home or office will make your space fill luxurious and give the area a cool, tropical feel. Potted palms, trees and plants come in many shapes and sizes; this variety makes it easy to find the ideal plant. Whether needing dozens of potted plants for an out

Select Your Wedding Venue Carefully

Your wedding time is here and to make it great you deserve one of the best Sunshine Coast wedding venues. It should be as beautiful and as lively as the Sunshine Coast itself. It should ...

Decorating Ideas With Gate Leg Tables

Gate leg tables can be traced to 17th century England and derive their name from their unique construction. The top of a gate leg table has a fixed section and one or two hinged sections on legs that swing open like gates to enlarge the table and closed to return the table to its more compact size.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Tuxedo or Suit

For many grooms and their groomsmen the tux is a last minute ordeal. They usually don't even think about getting measured, let alone choosing the perfect tux, until maybe the month before the big day.

Finding Inexpensive Wedding Gowns

Don't be misled by the term cheap wedding dresses. Just because they are cheap it doesn't mean you have to go for tacky. It's your big day; you can get a very fine dress without blowing a big hole in your pocket. There are many ways to get dresses for under $100. You can start by look

Fall Wedding Ideas: Avoid Fall Wedding Bloopers

Wedding is considered to be the most important occasion of life. A perfect plan with these useful fall wedding ideas could save your expensive fall wedding from getting ruined.

Wedding List Etiquette

If you are moments away from becoming a bride or groom-zilla, it is not your fault. Weddings are laden with cultural and religious undertones, as well as family pressures and personal ideals of the perfect wedding. Therefore the planning process can create a lot of stress for you and your fiance. Ho

Beach Party Gift Bag Ideas

Guests will gladly take home some beach-theme mementos after an exciting warm weather party.beach image by Horticulture from <a href=''></a>Have some fun in the sun at a beach party, and don't forget to send your guests home with some sun- and...

Wedding Reception Checklist – Last Few Items

A wedding reception checklist would also have the guidelines for the day before the wedding. As it is the last day before the occasion, it would be safe to assume that all the other tasks scheduled ar

How to Make Hair Bows for a Wedding

When you are looking to buy hair accessories for a wedding, skip the pricey boutiques, and take a walk through the craft store instead. For just a few dollars each, you can put together hair bows for the bride as well as all the female attendants in the wedding. You will probably want to use white o

6 Tips For Making Your Own Wedding Flower Bouquet

The key to making your own wedding flower bouquet are the three P's. First you have to Plan. Then you must Prepare. Finally, Practice makes Perfect. Use these following tips in order for you to make your wedding flower bouquet arrangement a memorable experience.

The Colour of Love

A task that many brides find daunting is choosing their wedding palette. Where should they begin with a kaleidoscope of colour? What is the perfect colour for love? Pink, purple, aqua, green, two tone, monochrome, ...

Getting Married in Puerto Vallarta

A few years ago, my wife and I had the most incredible wedding in Puerto Vallarta where more than 100 of our friends and family joined us for a celebration. It all started a year ...