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The Passionate Romance - Secrets to Becoming Irresistible in Love

One of the keys to real communication in a couple's relationship is learning passionate romance by fulfilling your partner's needs. Men learn to be intimate through sex and it is their primary motivator in developing a relationship with a woman. Women on the other hand, need verbal communi

Does He Love You? Find Out the Truth

Are you guys getting along really well, but you don't know yet if he loves you or not? Have you been trying to get him to come out and say those three little words, but he simply won't?

Words That Every Husband Wishes to Hear From Their Wives

They say words can make or break a relationship. If you sow good words in a relationship, you harvest goodness and happiness. Wives are naturally born with prowess in tongue. And it's either you nag and create fight, or appreciate and build a strong relationship. Here are some words that are co

Man Up - Be the Husband That God Has Called You to Be

Husbands, God wants you to man up, to become the husband He wants you to be. God has called you to be the leader of the home, to love your wife as Christ loved the church and to be an example of a loving husband to your children.

Tips For Choosing a Memorable Wedding Venue

Approaches for Choosing a Memorable Wedding Area Once it comes to planning a wedding, essentially the most necessary selections you'll have to make is definitely the place to enjoy your own wedding ceremony. There are ...

Getting your Ex-boyfriend Back After He has Moved on

It may sound cheesy but it's perfectly true in the world of relationships. Unless your ex-boyfriend tells you straight in the face that he does not even like you anymore, you should not give up on get

Marriage Means Attention to Details

A person with a successful marriage pays attention to the details. They pay attention to the details that concern their spouse.

Discover 3 Ways How Women Sabotage Their Marriage

Many women have unrealistic views of what marriage is suppose to be. If you're a woman having problems in your marriage, keep in mind that you are not alone. Although you may feel like you are alone when you are dealing with this kind of issue, you're not. Just know that if you prioritize

Custody Fathers Rights - Be Prepared!

Dream on if you think custody fathers rights is a level playing field. Be prepared! Are you sure your attorney can fully protect your rights, and help you prepare for the future? Custody & fathers rights is a very complex matter. The kids should be the very first concern, but, sadly, kids are all to

Roses For Your Valentine

Make someone feel really very special this Valentine's Day by giving them nature's most elegant love-flower: the Red Rose. It is one of the most simple yet romantic gifts to give. But don't get caught out, to ensure prompt delivery, call your favourite florist the week before Valentin

Is Name Calling Actually Verbal Abuse?

No, you are not wrong. Your wife is verbally abusing you. Name calling hurts, belittles or puts another person is a form of verbal abuse.