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How to Write and Self-Publish Your Own Book for Getting Rich!

Modern technology made it possible to us to write and self-publish our own books, manuals or reports electronically or physically. It's the time to be creative for people who can generate some ideas, assemble them in a meaningful manner and can convert them into a report, manual or book. Self-h

How to Write Great Personal Profiles

Sometimes the hardest thing to write about is the subject that you know better than anyone: yourself. Whether you're creating a personal profile to attract a sweetheart through the classified ads or preparing a verbal snapshot of your background and best attributes for a business brochure, it's impo

Online English Correction Tool - Correct Your Writing Now!

It is here and it works - Online English Correction Tool can easily improve your English writing by transforming it correct, professional, and impressive. Many of us consider writing as an important tool that helps us on achieving our goals such as: applying for a job or closing a deal. Read the fol

Add Variety To Your Writing With Different Article Templates

It is very important that you write an article with a well defined purpose. This purpose may vary from providing your target audience with useful information related to your field of expertise, to offering them your guidance and help.

How to Earn a Better Grade on Your Term Paper

This article, written by a college composition professor, lists and describes four avoidable common term paper errors that cost students higher grades on their papers.

Starting To Build Up Speed When Writing Articles

Enjoy a flood of 100% free, targeted traffic for years to come - Once you submit your articles and others begin using them, you'll enjoy a flood of free traffic that will come rolling in and it won't cost you a dime. You'll never have to rely on search engines for this free traffic an

Freelance Writers Tips - Why Plagiarism Is A Major Limitation

Freelance writers have many rules that they must adhere to in order to produce high quality and acceptable results. Although all of them are important, having the ability to create plagiarism free printed work comes first. Do you know what plagiarism is?

Writing The Truth Is Harder Than You Think

Like Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll, the words truth, gossip, and rumor captivate reader's and writer's minds as if engaged in a strong addiction. Gossip and rumors, they can be the driving forces of stories.

Why Charge a Fee to Attend Your Teleseminar?

It is a fact that you can make money hosting a teleseminar. Even if you offer the teleseminar for free you can still generate an income. So why would you ever charge a fee to your audience?

Minor Characters in Your Story - Do You Really Need Them?

The vast majority of fiction writers write short stories, whether they write for their own pleasure, for the writing circle they belong to, a competition or whether they aim to get them published. The temptation to bring in lots of exciting characters can be irresistible. But are they necessary?

Writing - Be a Flourishing Article Writer

Don't you question what it takes to be a flourishing article writer? Marketers are searching for very good work from a variety of sources. Overlook any fears - you can certainly do this and be as successful as someone else. You will discover a number of points to bear in mind whenever starting

How to Create Drug Cards for Pharmacology

Pharmacology is a course that has a lot of information. You must know all of this information to do well on exams and to answer questions if a patient needs information on drugs he is taking. Making drug cards, or flash cards for pharmacology, is one way of condensing the information you need to kno

How to Cite the Catholic Encyclopedia

Citation of The Modern Catholic Encyclopedia should follow the general guidelines laid out for the citation of single-volume reference works. Most of the bibliographic information needed to reference this work can be found on the first page, including publication information such as the name of the