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Easy Piano Lessons Online For Beginners

Today, there are a lot of ways wherein piano lessons for beginners can be pursued. One of that is by enrolling your kid on an online education. This is a method widely used today especially with the advent of computers and the internet. Musical instruments can be easily learned and one of that is th

Music Business Rules Now Favor the Musician - Making Beats You Control

Due to technology, musicians can make beats or create electronic bands. However, years ago, the music industry was ran by the major record labels. The record labels had the last word in absolutely everything in a musician's entertainment career from start to finish.

The 100 Best Rap Songs of the '00s

These songs embody the spirit of the 2000s. Rev up your DeLorean. Let's take a trip down memory lane and explore the 100 Best Rap Songs of the 2000s.

Should I Pay for Piano Lessons?

Surely the question might have come to your mind that how much it can cost you for piano lessons. Some people are devoting their valuable time and dedicating their monies on music schools trying to learn piano but little did they know that the lessons can be taken for free.

December 11 in Music History

Births, deaths, chart action, recordings, and more on this day in oldies rock and roll music history. From your Expert at!

One Direction, The Lovely Teenager's Band

British mixed Irish boy band named as One Direction is one of the top emerging band of the current era. One Direction consists of following members: Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles a

Top 20 Country Albums

A list of the Top 20 Country albums as comprised by Billboard Magazine for the week of September 4, 2004.

3 Steps to Promote Your Band - Be Seen to Promote Your Band

Many times, unsigned bands will spend a boat load of time mastering their music, but very little time on band promotion. Developing a plan on how to promote your band is probably the most important yet over looked task that unsigned artists face.

Detroit Lions

With a four-game winning streak heading into 2011, the Detroit Lions could be on the verge of building a modern winning tradition. As one of the league's oldest franchises, Detroit Lions tick

Learn to Play Guitar Online For Free

If you have the desire to play the guitar, you can realize your ambitions for free. All it takes is some research on the internet.

Tom Paxton

Tom Paxton's career has spanned four decades and over 50 albums. Learn more about one of America's most talented and prolific singer/songwriters.

Best Beginner Acoustic Guitars - Buying Tips

Every beginner acoustic guitar student should practice with a good quality, affordable instrument. The best beginner acoustic guitars are not necessarily the most expensive instruments. Wish to purchase your first acoustic guitar? Surely you have you read a few guitar reviews. While reviews can be h

Things You Need for a Rap Studio

Rap is an extremely popular genre of music. It is increasingly easy to produce your own rap music or that of others. If you wish to begin your own rap studio, there is a handful of equipment necessary for making high-quality recordings. It is important to remember, of course, that merely having equi

What Kind of Styles of Music Can the Clarinet Play?

The clarinet has long played an important role in Western, popular and folk music, though it can trace its roots to similar instruments used in Middle Eastern music. One of the reasons the clarinet has become such a popular instrument is its versatile nature. The same player can make a clarinet swin

How to Play the Conga Drums

Conga drums are percussive instruments that have African and Cuban origins. These drums, which also are called "tumbadora" by many Spanish-speaking people, are capable of creating a variety of percussive sounds. Congas are used in many genres such as Latin music and folk music. Musicians can play a

Selecting a Coach for Singing

Singing is normally a sign of a welled up joy in us. It is one of those age-old ways of showing your happiness. It automatically qualifies as a way human air out their feelings.