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Dead Rising Review (X360)

Recommending Dead Rising is easy based on your reaction to the following statement: All you do in Dead Rising is run around a mall and kill thousands of zombies in hundreds of different ways. If you first thought is “Wow, that will get repetitive after a while”, you should probably rent it

Online Games Are Addicting

It may be a good or bad thing, but one cannot deny that online games are truly engaging and addicting, for whomever, wherever you are.

Fashion Hits From the Catwalk to the Bratz World

Can the real-life jive with the world of make-believe? Most people flatly reject mistaking one for safety's sake. But there is a thin line that separates reality from fantasy in certain (very safe) circumstances. Such ...

Monster Truck Games—the New Fetish for Game Lovers!

In recent times, monster truck games have become increasingly popular among online game-lovers. In the past, monster truck games had limited capacity in terms of graphics, movement ability and speed—e

Delectable Recipes at Cooking Games

Cooking delectable recipes with cooking games is very easy to do. Cooking games are designed not only for the novice who wants to experience cooking but also for the expert cooks who want to play with

Online Dress-Up Games for Teens and Girls

Online dress-up games is the latest fad in young girls and teens. These games have over hundreds of selections stored in their database. Each game is designed according to the latest pop trend. The be

How To Tank In WoW As a Warrior – An Introduction

In this article we will talk about tanking warriors in world of warcraft or also known as wow. We will talk about the basics of tanking warriors and the things that you need to know about it.

Rift Guide Xerxes an honest review

HiI've been a keen online gamer since the early days. Heck! probably before some of you guys were even born My first experience was with a game called Doom this game started the First person game revo

Pokemon Soulsilver - A Decade And A Half And Winning Addicts

This article takes an in-depth look at Pokemon SoulSilver, which is one of the highest-rated Nintendo DS games of all time. After reading this article, you'll have a good idea of what kind of adventure awaits you with this epic Pokemon game.

Information on Masterwork Elementium Deathblade

Because the enlargement on the planet involving Wow Catastrophe, there are lots of points improved. Though the thigh-slapper golden is still very important amongst players. The expansion tends to make

Red vs. Blue Season 1 DVD Review

Click right here for our review of season 1 of the hit comedy show, Red vs. Blue. This is a must own DVD for Xbox and Halo fans.