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Crispy Halloween Treats

These rice cereal bars are perfect for Halloween parties. The treats are made with candy corn, miniature chocolate chips, and marshmallows.

What you need to know about low fat desserts

What would you say once many desserts may very well be consumed like a low fat dessert, preserving the actual flavours as they are really? This specific writing will explain some effortless to remembe

Philadelphia Korean Restaurants

Philadelphia boasts several Korean restaurants.korean festival noodles image by Lucid_Exposure from Fotolia.comThe city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to the fifth-largest Korean population in the country. Not surprisingly, there are a large number of Korean restaurants in the...

Cesentatico's Brodetto - Il Brodetto di Cesenatico

Brodetto is the Riviera Romagnola's traditional fish stew, and as is true for all regional specialties, there are many local variations. In particular, Cesenatici use eels and star gazers.

Types of Fruit Baskets

Try giving the gift of a fruit basket the next time you have gift giving to do. Fruit baskets are easy to make or buy, they are affordable, and most people like some kind of fruit. Best of all, fruit is good for you, so it makes a more nutritious gift than chocolates, cookies or cakes. Share fruit b

How Do I Compare Prices for Homemade Cookies?

Homemade cookies are considered a special treat and can be enjoyable to make by yourself or with children. Homemade cookies will usually be tastier than purchased cookies and can be cost-efficient to make, especially if you know how to compare ingredient prices.

Searching For London' s Best Indian Restaurants?

In quest of London’s best Indian restaurants, try the three best restaurants from the Cinnamon family that offers perfect setting for great Indian cuisine for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

Tangy, Delicious Harvard Beets

These tangy delicious beets are made with a thickened sauce with vinegar and sugar. A delicious side dish for any meal, and beets are also very high in nutrients.

Moroccan Coconut Sables

These light-textured coconut butter cookies are very versatile. Make simple cut-outs for children, or dress up petite-shaped sables with chocolate for an elegant tea time cookie.

How to Slice an Avocado

Whether you are making guacamole, a salad or using avocado as a garnish, you must first cut through that often tough skin. The waiters in Mexican restaurants make it look so easy, but when you do it at home, you may wish they could give you lessons. Here are some.

Kumquat Jam Recipes

Kumquat jam is excellent on warm sourdough bread with butter. You can make your own kumquat jam that is much tastier than the commercial kind. A little time and a few ingredients and you will be well on your way. You will make enough to last at least six months, depending on how fast you eat it.

Fresh Strawberry Squares

Enjoy this recipe for Fresh Strawberry Squares it's baked in less than 50 minutes.