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How to Partition an NTFS Drive Without a Reformat

It used to be that if you wanted to make any size changes whatsoever to a hard drive partition, you had to completely delete everything and start all over. Luckily, hard drive partitioning software has progressed in the past several years, and you are now able to make practically any change to a par

HP L7680 USB Problems

The HP L7680 is an all-in-one printer that can print black-and-white and color documents, as well as copy, scan and fax documents. USB problems may prevent the computer from recognizing the device, which is why you should know the different kinds of USB problems and the ways to troubleshoot them.

How to Control Windows Startup

Whenever a user starts a Windows machine and logs on, the computer automatically starts a series of programs. These programs are contained within the Startup area of the computer, and over time, as more programs get added to this section of the computer, they can clog it up and cause the computer to

How to Disable Password Protection for Windows XP

Windows XP's password features are designed to protect computers when it is a public or shared computer, or when many users may have access to sensitive information. Disabling this feature may be useful if you have trouble remembering your password or if others accessing your computer is not a conce

How to Activate MS Cal Over the Phone

To access MS Cal, you need to activate the Terminal Service License over the phone. The Terminal Services server uses these licenses to track and allow client permissions to Windows 2000-based computers that have Terminal Services enabled. When you activate the license server, you are given a digita

How to Explain the PC Registry

The Windows registry is a large database that keeps your computer running as it should. It contains the settings and configurations for programs, applications and system components. Manual management is difficult but can be helpful because it allows you to search for, modify and delete entries that

What Is Windows XP Professional OEM?

Windows XP Professional OEM is a specific license type for the Windows XP computer operating system released by Microsoft. As of October 22, 2010, this license will no longer be available for sale on new computers.

How to Load External Drivers When Installing Windows Vista

After you install Microsoft Windows Vista and begin connecting hardware to your computer, you need to install the drivers for the hardware. The drivers tell the computer exactly how to read the hardware and how the hardware is supposed to function. When you purchase your hardware, it is going to com

How to Fix Windows Explorer Errors

Windows Explorer forms the basis of the general Windows interface, which in turn serves as a gateway to other Windows components and third-party programs. When problems occur with Windows Explorer, it can be difficult to accomplish even the most menial computer-related tasks. However, with some basi

How to Disassemble DLL on Linux

In the Windows family of operating systems, a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is an archive file containing any combination of code, data and other resources. A DLL typically provides a set of resources that have been segregated on a separate library as an architectural decision. Code in a DLL is in mach

How to Load DSL From an ISO

As more and more people are installing files to hard drives from ISO files, it makes sense that you'd want to be able to install Internet and hardware packages from ISO files, such as loading your DSL connection. With an ISO-mount program that process is very easy, allowing you to mount an ISO file

How to Install a Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator

Bluetooth is a standard of open wireless data exchange. Bluetooth technology is valuable because it allows wireless data transmissions and communications between unlinked devices. Microsoft's Bluetooth Enumerator is a software protocol that provides an organizing function allowing Bluetooth devices

How to Defragment an Exchange Database

Defragmentation is a process that rearranges all the data stored on your Exchange server. By making mailbox data files more contiguous, Exchange defragmentation increases your mailbox retrieval speed. You can use the "Eseutil" tool to defragment Exchange databases. You will need administrative right

How to Make an XP System Restore Disk

System Restore is the built in feature in Windows XP which monitors the status of your operating system and hard drives, enabling you to revert your system settings to those of an earlier time should disaster befall your computer. Enable a hard disk on your computer to be utilized as a repository fo

How to Remove a Taskbar in Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is an operating system developed by Microsoft for mobile phones. This OS is compatible with a wide array of wireless devices and provides a variety of features including Office Mobile, email accessibility, Windows Media Player and Internet access. When using your device to access the

How to Use Windows Media Center With a Home Theater

No other device has the potential to play a larger variety of multimedia formats than a Microsoft Windows Media Center-equipped PC. Connecting such a PC with your home theater allows you to play any multimedia file your PC is capable of running on a screen larger than a traditional PC screen with au

How to Place TTF in Vista

True-type fonts have a .ttf extension and can be used to enhance your documents by changing the standard type that is used in many word-processing or graphics programs. Aside from the typical Times New Roman or Arial fonts that are readily available, other true-type fonts can be downloaded from onli

How to Use the Windows Vista Recovery Disc on an HP

HP computers are equipped with the HP Backup and Recovery Manager. This is an HP utility that gives you several options for recovering your computer in the event of a major problem. One option the HP backup and recovery manager offers users is the ability to create Windows Vista recovery CDs. If you

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