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How to Burn Phonograph Records on a DVD

Many collectors of phonograph records look for ways to preserve their collections in digital files. Vinyl records use analog technology to store and play back recorded audio. Burning records to DVDs requires capturing the audio with a computer first. A PC audio interface converts analog audio to dig

How to Reboot a Hard Drive

Keep your computer running to its fullest performance. When your computer stops running because of a virus or any other reason you might have to reboot your hard drive. What it entails is wiping your hard drive clean and replacing it with new information. You can hope that you don’t have to d

How to Disable SMS in ICQ

ICQ is an instant messenger that has been around since 1996. The program is compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems as well as with certain cellular phones. It also enables you to send free SMS messages to mobile devices. To enable SMS in ICQ, you must first add your cell phone number to t

Why My Toshiba Satellite C655 Shut Down Without Any Warning

Many laptop users may have experienced such issue, the laptop shuts down suddenly. Yes, it is a common problem for laptop. Recently, I am tortured by this issue.I owned my hp pavilion g6 july last year. It has been working for a long time. However since last week, it will shut off automatically. I a

Why Do CD Players Use Laser Light?

A compact disc player uses laser light to reproduce music recorded on the disc. A lens focuses the light to a pinpoint, which reflects off tiny pits in the disc's surface. The pits form digital patterns that encode music as computer data. A detector picks up the flickers of laser light and turns the

DIY Mount for a Laptop

A laptop mount elevates your notebook screen so you do not have to put your computer on a stack of books or hunch over when using it. The materials required for a do-it-yourself laptop mount depend on your particular needs and what is available to you, such as PVC pipe, plywood or cardboard. A cardb

Finance Programs for a Home Computer

Finance programs for the computer do just what the name suggests.They are used to keep track of all your expenses and money. These programs can be a little tricky to learn at first, but once learned they become almost an asset to your finances. They can keep track of your...

Photo Printers For Your Convenience

This article discusses photo printers and how they have shaped the printer industry. After reading it, you'll be able to make a more informed, educated purchasing decision.

IE Errors When Trying to Watch Netflix

Netflix online allows you to rent movies and watch them conveniently from your computer. Once subscribed, you can select from a large catalog of movies in many different genres including action, drama and comedy and stream them right from your Web browser. Although Netflix online is compatible with

Instructions on How to Change a Dell Laptop Keyboard

If you want to change the keyboard on a Dell laptop, first search the Internet for a reputable computer parts retailer. Choose a keyboard for the Dell laptop model that you're using. Once you're ready to replace or change the old keyboard, make certain you carefully handle the new keyboard while ins

Prototype Printed Circuit Board

An idea is worth nothing until you develop your first prototype and it actually works! Don't be disappointed if no-one believes in your idea or shows next to no excitement about it. You will only ...

Why You Should Consider Building Your Own PC?

Building your own computer from scratch may sound a little bit risky, but actually it is not rocket science. Building your own PC means to get exactly what you wanted, at the fraction of the cost of a new PC bought from a retail store. You may save hundreds of dollars as you are no longer paying exp

Guide to Switch From PC to Mac

You might decide to switch from PC to Mac if you are interested in making movies or animation on your computer using Macintosh software, or if your school or workplace primarily uses Mac computers. If you've grown accustomed to PC computers after years of use, however, the prospect of switching to a

Update Drivers the Hassle Free Way

It is basically agreed that there is plenty of hassle when you want to update your drivers, and this is especially true when you are on the move a lot and do not have an internet connection at your disposal at all times. Now, when we install something in the computer, be it hardware or even software

How to Get Rid of the EXE Signs on Desktop Icons in Vista

In Windows Vista (and all Windows operating systems) the .exe file extension denotes an executable file (an application or program). When you open a .exe file, the software program it goes with will initialize on your computer. If you don't like the way your application icons show up on your desktop

How to Fix an Inspiron E1505 Keyboard Issue

The Inspiron E1505 is a laptop designed and distributed by the Dell corporation. The primary issue with any laptop keyboard are keys that malfunction and must be replaced. If you have broken keys on your Dell Inspiron E1505, you will need to purchase a key replacement kit. You can replace broken key

How Do I Download Free Movies Successfully in DVD Quality?

DVD quality video uses the MPEG-2 digital file format. MPEG-2 is a broadcast-quality audio and video compression system that can take up significant storage space on your hard drive. The typical feature-length DVD ranges in size from 4.7 GB to 9 GB. For this reason, downloads of DVD quality films w

Fargo Printer Models For Id Card Printing

Fargo identification card printers reliably produce colorful custom printed PVC cards.These cards are the same size as your driver"s license or credit card.Large corporate security needs as well as government projects have been successfully implemented by Fargo with their various ID card printe