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The Facts About Cancer

Cancer has been a plague on humanity for a long time. Can you even imagine the impact this would have on our world if the suffering of so many people could be put to an end?

Cancer Killing Machine

Three men meeting in a cancer clinic may change medical treatment for cancer forever. An inventor who is not a doctor made a cancer killing machine.The machine works on all kinds of cancer cells.

How To Fight Cancer And Win

It is no mystery that physical activity promotes a healthier life. Longevity, endurance, and less stress are just three examples of a long list of the benefits associated with a regular exercise routi

Distended Colon Symptoms

When your colon is distended, it means that a portion of your large intestine has become swollen in size. Often considered a form of intestinal pseudo-obstruction, this abnormal inflammation of colon places pressure on the intestinal walls and can eventually affect the overall process of digestion.

Xeloda for Metastatic Breast Cancer

Xeloda or capecitabine is an oral chemotherapy drug that you take twice a day with water and on a full stomach. It is used to treat metastatic breast cancer, and can be taken alone or with Taxotere. Read more to learn about how Xeloda works, its side effects, and self-care tips.

Recovering After Cancer Is Possible

This article deals with how cancer survivors work to get back on their feet. Their families have to work at recovering as well.

The 10 Most Common Forms of Cancer

What follows is a brief look at the 10 most common forms of cancer. Each includes an estimate of the number of new cancer cases diagnosed in the U.S. in 2012, and is broken down into male/female patie

Prostate Cancer - Symptoms and Diagnosis

In its early stages, prostate cancer often causes no symptoms. When initial symptoms do occur, they may vary to certain degrees. In general, the earlier prostate cancer is detected, the better the outlook for the patient in terms of cure or arresting the cancer progression.

Virtual or Real, Colonoscopy Is Best

Virtual colonoscopy is nearly as accurate as the real thing, and both methods far outperform three other standard screening methods for colon cancer, German researchers report.

How to Use Viper Venom to Treat Cancer

Since December 2000, scientists have been investigating the use of viper venom in the treatment of cancer. A protein, contortrostatin, was isolated from the southern copperhead. Dr. Francis Markland of the University of Southern California found that contortrostatin worked in two ways to prevent the

Dangerous Chemicals in Mattresses

Mattress manufacturers are required by law to have their mattresses pass fire safety tests. Many of these manufacturers use fire-retardant chemicals in their models that consumers consider dangerous. Some manufacturers are taking new approaches to combat these concerns.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong's story of cancer survivorship reads like an oncology tall tale. After having testicular cancer spread to several parts of his body, the odds were not in his favor. Learn how Lance Armstrong faced cancer head on and lived to tell about it -- not to mention winning the Tour de Fr