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How to Freeze Credit Card Payments

Consumers and businesses who wish to dispute payments to merchants can contact their credit card issuers to request a payment be stopped or frozen. They can also request that the account be frozen. This is useful for consumers who may have high credit card debt and spending problems. A security free

How to Get a Free Credit Report

A credit report will inform you of all the vital information that you need to check your personal credit rating. You can obtain get a "free copy of my report" with very little effort online. ...

Who Should Use a Pre-Paid Card?

A pre-paid card is just like any other tool, it is very useful for some people and not a good idea for others. But who are they best suited for, should you use one? We'll discuss who I feel should use one of these cards and why.

Definition of Credit Terms

The credit terms offered by lenders or companies to individuals and businesses are the most important factor of any credit-related transaction. Understanding what the phrase "credit terms" means is critical to the success or failure of loan, cash advance or trade credit policies to all borrowers. Le

Importance of Credit Repair

Analysts in major firms have always failed to realise the essence of credit repair and reforms that could improve credit score. Have they ever tried to define to the whole idea behind the word credit? ...

Credit Repair: How You Can Help Yourself

Take steps right now to repair your credit if it is less than perfect. Repairing your credit yourself requires a commitment on your behalf, but in the long run, you'll be pleased with the results - and knowing that you did it yourself!

Restricted Endorsement Benefit Arrangements

What if Mr. Key's employer wants to provide him with a "golden handcuff" that will give the company an immediate tax deduction, rather than deferring it to some future time, yet create a restriction on Mr. Key's access to it that keeps him on board? This can be accomplished using

Consumers...beware Of Fradulent Activity

Every internet user should be aware that not everything is as it appears. And anyone banking online etc. should know about a credit card spoof(otherwise known as phishing or a hoax).

4 Things You Don't Know About Your Credit That Could Hurt You

Your credit score affects more than just what rate or terms you get when you borrow money. If you paid off a judgment or collection item, it is probably still showing as unpaid on your credit report. Co-signing a loan for someone else could hurt your credit, even if they repay the loan in full. Havi

The History of the ATM Card

There is no faster way to access the money in your bank account than an ATM. Chances are that if you open up your wallet, the first thing you will see is your ATM/debit card. Your bank issued that card the day you opened your bank account. It could have come in the mail or, as is the growing trend,

Debt Collection: A Look Inside Collection Training

Learn what collectors are being coached on to better their efforts against consumers with accounts in collections. Use the information collectors are using against you to prepare and protect yourself

Free Credit Report - Why Should You Go in For One?

With so many things being offered for free, you might wonder about what all are the things that you should actually consider and what are the things that you can neglect. While most of the things that are out there have strings attached, there are certain things that you can actually go in for and d