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Biomedical Technician Certification

Biomedical technicians perform repairs and maintenance on medical equipment in health care facilities such as hospitals and doctors' offices. With the aging American population and an increasing use of technology in healthcare, this occupation should see rapid job growth in future years, according t

How To Write an Executive Resume - 3 Critical Elements You Must Include

With so many executive candidates on the market today, you need to do an amazing and unique job at selling yourself as the only solution to your prospective employer. To accomplish this, you need to craft an executive resume that gets results the first time and sets you apart from the competition. T

Your Clients Expect Fairness - Do You Provide It?

Everyone expects to be treated on the basis of their behavior, not someone else's perception of your intention or motivation. While this is important in life in general, it is especially important in your business or law practice. Keeping in mind respect, impartiality, integrity, concern for ot

How To Impress Boss In Office

Why anyone should impress her boss and our boss impress his boss and so on. If one need a steady paying job, or want to grow in the job, one must be willing to do everything to keep his or her boss happy.

A Guide To Becoming A First-Rate Policeman

Every time you saw a police officer, you were fascinate when you were young isn't it?. Like you many children too have been fascinated and have grown up wanting to become a police officer. Mo

Important details on Ultrasound Tech Salary

It's hard to imagine the health care industry not really making good use of analysis imaging for various health conditions which might be frequent today. At one time however when this has been the case. ...

How to Get Access to Interview a Band

Band interviews can take place in person at a venue or during a sound check, via the telephone or even through email. The type of access a journalist gets for interviews depends on the location of the band and interviewer, as well as the band’s availability and how much time a publicist can g

heavy-lift ship

Glossary of United States Military words and phrases -- heavy-lift ship

5 Universal Laws To Finding Work You Love

The fear, doubt and uncertainty that accompanies the desire to change pace is understandable. In my work I attract people who crave freedom and creative expression in their work. They regret their career choice and really would prefer a complete change of scenery.

Reasons to Use a Consultant For Employment Advice

There are many reasons you might want to call an outside consultant to provide employment advice for your business. These reasons include getting an outside perspective, improving processes, ensuring success, and providing necessary training for staff members.

How to Become a Christian Writer

Christian books have become popular bestsellers among mainstream fiction. Their positive approach, uplifting solutions and message of hope make for a satisfying read. If you want to write a Christian novel, you'll increase your chances of selling by familiarizing yourself with the kinds of stories b

Raymond James

Raymond James is a full-service brokerage firm notable for a highly flexible approach to hiring financial advisors, with options ranging from employee to independent contractor relationships.

Code of Ethics for Medical Assistants

A medical assistant works in conjunction with other health care workers. The day-to-day nature of their job is to perform administrative and clinical tasks that will keep a medical office operating smoothly. Due to the atmosphere of the work, a code of ethics is a necessity just like any other medic

The Fastest Way to Start Your PT Business is

The success of any new PT business is largely determined by 3 things: 1. Acquiring testimonials (raving fans). 2. Getting clients to renew again and again. 3. Getting good at converting people from an intro. ...

What Classes to Take in College to Become a Pediatrician

Becoming a medical doctor is a long, hard, yet rewarding process. The field of pediatrics is one in which the rewarding aspects of the career are self-evident with the ability to help children by treating various illnesses. Those who wish to pursue this career path should be careful regarding the cl

Where to Find Job Listings For Writers

Do you find that you really enjoy writing? Are you looking to be able to find job listings for writers? If so then you should know that there are many different places that you can and should look.

Spirit Week Ideas for Work

Crazy wigs often have their own day during spirit week.dressed up woman image by Jarek Miarka from Fotolia.comThe whimsy of spirit week--known to children and teenage students as a time to wear face paint, crazy socks and rainbow wigs in an effort to show school spirit--can be carried on...