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How Do I Start My Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5?

The Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5 is a 1/10 scale nitro-powered remote controlled vehicle that features a two-speed automatic transmission, reverse shifting, four-wheel independent suspension and 4 inches of ground clearance. The EZ-Start electric starting system is one of the Traxxas T-Maxx 2.5 nitro-powered

How to Make Curly-Korker Bows

Accessorize hair, shoes and handbags with whimsical curly-korker bows. These dramatic bows stand out in a crowd, but they can be expensive to purchase. Fortunately, curly-korker bows are not difficult to make, but they do require a specific type of ribbon. Look for ribbon and other necessary supplie

Woodturning Wood Goblets

Building a staved goblet Full instructions for building staved wooden goblets. Here I'm going to show how I build staved goblets similar to this pair. These are a lot of fun to make and are ...

How to Make a Pyramid Out of Household Items

A 3-D pyramid can be made of anything because the shape itself is what makes a pyramid a pyramid. The key is to engineering a pyramid is getting the polygonal base right. If you're making a pyramid for school or just constructing one for an art project, use your imagination when coming up with the m

How to Make a Train With Magnets

A train does not need wheels to travel the tracks of a child's imagination. Make a cardboard train and cargo car that connect to each other using magnets. Supplies from a hardware store and from around the house will be used. You will need some common household tools too.

Return to Mysterious Island Tips & Hints

Explore Mysterious Island on your PC.notebook pc image by Albo from"Return to Mysterious Island" is a puzzle and adventure game that follows the adventures of Mina, a young woman accidentally stranded on Mysterious Island. Allegedly uninhabited, the island features many...

How to Sew a Bee Veil

A bee veil is a necessary part of a beekeeper's gear. A bee veil fits around the crown of a broad-brimmed hat and secures at the collar to protect the face and neck from bee stings. Made of stiff netting or screen, veils may have wire hoops to hold their shape and weighted collars to keep them in pl

How to Make an Easy Knit Beret on Circular Needles

Knit a stylish beret with circular needles and sport-weight yarn in only a few hours. This beret makes a portable project to work in the car or on an airplane. The finished hat is both stylish and warm and would make a thoughtful gift. Circular needles allow you to knit the beret with no seams. The

How to Make a T-Shirt Rug

Clean out your family's closets and recycle their old T-shirts into new home accessories. T-shirts are made of a jersey fabric that does not fray when cut. This versatile fabric can be used as the foundation and embellishments for your projects. When cut into long strips and stretched slightly, a ro

Homemade Sewing Machine Oil Recipe

Experienced seamstresses know that a sewing machine must be serviced and oiled regularly to maintain optimum performance. Sewing machine oil is a specially engineered, toxic substance designed specifically for use in sewing machines. Anyone looking for a substitute should do so with caution. It is r

How to Make a Steel Ball Keychain

Steel ball chains have been used for several types of items such as jewelry, ceiling fan and pulls and key chains. The strength of the steel ball chains makes a more secure place for your keys than yarn or other stringing materials that you might use to make your own custom key chains. Make your ow

How to Make a Latex Mold for Garden Deer

Latex molds allow you to recreate almost any object you find that you would like to duplicate. Garden statues and ornaments, such as deer or other animals, are popular items to adorn outdoor living spaces. Making a latex mold of something like a garden deer means you can create as many of them as y

How to Embroider on a Fleece Blanket

A warm fleece blanket is easy to make at home from fabric and can serve as a blank canvas for needlework designs. Doing embroidery on a fleece blanket is essentially the same as doing any type of embroidery in terms of stitches and techniques. You do, however, need to take the characteristics of the

Easy to Make Cat Bed

A cat bed gives your kitty a safe place to rest that acts as its home base. Bedss can be purchased at home stores and pet supply stores. They are, however, sometimes very expensive. You can make your own at home, easily, for little money. You can also control the color and the size of the bed.

Country Mouse Crafts

Mice and craftwork are two country favorites that go hand in hand. With the variety of craft projects and materials, you can make your own country mice for an array of displays and embellishments. Learn how to make cute, cuddly or sturdy country mouse figurines for both decorative and functional ite

How to Make an Asian Stone Bow

Many Asian cultures used the stone bow, or pellet bow, in warfare and for hunting. Among the most notable proponents of this weapon were the tribes of the Yunnan province. The use of the pellet bow spread to Europe around the 16th century. European hunters favored pellet bows to muskets for hunting

How to Make Chinese Knot Bracelets

As part of a vast array of Chinese knots, the Chinese snake knot symbolizes good fortune. The snake is the guardian of treasure and riches, and the person who wears a bracelet of Chinese snake knots should receive good fortune, according to Chinese tradition. When you are first learning to make the

4 Main Reasons Why Quilting Is Recommended!

Quilting is an expressive form of art which can be fun as well as gratifying. You can do it simply as a hobby or also a business venture. Any person can learn this art very easily as there are many re

How to Make a Modular Origami Dragon

The dragon has mythical status in many Asian cultures. One of the most recognized symbols of this status is the dragon dance performed at Chinese New Year celebrations. You can join in the celebration with an origami dragon, although this creature takes longer than most projects using the ancient Ja