Hate And The Business Opportunity

In today's times it's unfortunately not very tough to find plenty of people filled with hate.
It's sad in so many ways.
It ripples like a rock thrown into a pond effecting the lives of good, honest, ethical people who simply do not deserve it.
A quick search on the Internet revealed even further proof and confirmation that hate truly is out of control.
There are hate sites against Michael Jordan and even the greatest man who ever walked the earth Jesus Christ.
I suppose the rationale in the minds of people who are filled with hate is they have some reason and can easily justify their hatred for another.
The most amazing thing about it becomes what those reasons are.
In almost every instance when the smoke clears, the actual reason which sparked the hatred initially is usually something really dumb.
One of the most insane things I've ever heard (and I hear it often in my business) is when people call me to say they've tried various business opportunities in the past and all were scams and the people promised them the moon...
Now don't get me wrong, I'm dead set against anyone, anywhere giving people hype in order to sign them up into their program.
However, where does the responsibility of the person signing up actually start? It very clearly starts before they make their free will decision to send in a penny to join a program.
Ultimately no matter what excuse they throw up, it is they who made the ultimate decision to send in their money to get signed up.
Several years ago I sent in my $39.
95 just like tons of other people to buy a package which claimed to tell me how to make money placing ads in newspapers across the country.
I watched the infomercial as others did and could have easily turned the channel.
Instead, I made a personal decision to buy on my own accord.
I got the package and then something happened that is sort of rare.
And it make be really hard for some to follow or to understand, but I actually opened the thing up and read it from cover to cover! Can you imagine the odds of that? And to top that off, I actually applied what I had read and started placing ads in newspapers.
And would you believe that I started making money just like the infomercial claimed I would if I simply followed the course? I did! Further proof of my success came when I was asked to appear on the very same national infomercial due to my success placing ads.
I soon began to get calls from people who had also purchased the same identical course.
The difference was they were filled with absolute hatred.
They would say things to me like...
"that course was a rip off.
"I didn't make any money with it.
and so on.
I started asking these people two simple questions which were...
"What was the course supposed to do for you?" And the response to this questions was always some form of...
"Make me rich etc.
" And then I would ask them a question that wold send shock and confusion through them in ways most simply refused to accept nor understand.
I would ask...
"What were YOU supposed to do?" Let's face facts here.
Most people are unfortunately very lazy.
They don't want to exercise.
They want to keep eating the wrong foods and simply take a pill to make the fat go away.
And the same thing is true in the minds of most people when they join any business opportunity.
They have what I call...
Go To Bed Poor Wake Up Rich Syndrome And this is really sad.
It's sad because long before these people started looking for a way to change their lives with a business opportunity, they had already failed.
The average person has a lottery mentality and their work ethic is non existent or at the very least extremely limited.
And it doesn't matter how clearly it is defined for the person before they sign up into a program, there are always going to be people who blame their own personal failures on the person who shared the business opportunity with them initially.
This is much easier isn't it? Of course it is and that's exactly what fuels the hate.
People join a business opportunity expecting to go to bed poor and wake up rich.
They expect to skip over the actual work part and jump straight to living on the beach with a tropical drink in one hand and a stack of cash in the other.
I have the following disclaimer on my site which I feel is about as clear and clear can get.
It reads...
Income Disclaimer: In an effort to ensure those viewing this web site do not attempt to claim they were promised or guaranteed income, this disclaimer shall cover the basics of common sense as they relate to a business opportunity.
Making serious money requires effort on your part.
You can not simply join a program, go to bed poor, and wake up rich.
You are going to have to put forth some effort yourself to reach your wealth building goals.
No one is promising you will make a million bucks a year in this business.
In fact the only thing that truly will determine your personal success is you and how motivated, focused, and determined you are to succeed.
This web site / presentation contains statements / video / audio of people who describe the many rewards received as a direct result of following the proven system and utilizing the marketing materials through the help of their director.
This business is a serious one and because of that it is important for you to realize the money is here but only if you will put forth effort and work the program.
I even take this a step further and tell people before they send me a penny that they are going to have to put forth serious effort if they expect to have serious results.
I tell them their income will be based directly on their own personal efforts.
I make it very clear that I am not promising them they will make any money.
I've taught several people how to make serious money.
My web site has almost 50 testimonial and some of them are even video of people who flew to meet me in person on their own dime.
Clearly I can provide indisputable proof of personal success as well as many others who will certainly back me up with their own testimonial.
One would think this would be enough to demonstrate to an excuse maker and a hate filled type person that possibly the reason they have always failed at every business opportunity they've ever been involved with is not the program but their attitude and lack of effort! These people will blame anything and anyone they can.
They will say it's this persons fault or that persons fault etc.
They come up with all kinds of excuses.
I just can't understand why anyone would choose to live their life in this manner.
It makes absolutely no sense at all to me.
Success leaves clues and if you look at the most successful people in the world, you'll quickly see they all have one thing in common.
They took action and did not make excuses.
I've been in a lot of business opportunities.
I've failed at most of them and I'll be the first to tell you I make no excuses for it.
Nor do I blame anyone.
Ultimately it was my personal free will decision to join them and no one put a gun to my head to force me into it.
Instead of allowing my failures to fuel hatred toward the people who I joined the programs with, instead I chose to be smart about it and to try and learn from the experiences.
If we each try and learn as we go, it should come a point in time when pause and realize we are making progress and not repeating the same things over and over that we know have already proven not to work or to be effective.
But unfortunately not everyone shares this fundamental belief and understanding.
Here's an example that may shock you.
A twenty year old kid called me one day asking if he could make money with the business opportunity that I do.
I immediately said sure but told him only if he were truly serious and willing to put forth serious effort to do it.
I was at first a little hesitant to work with someone so young because I know maturity levels are not often high enough to be serious.
However he agreed to visit me in person and I knew it would give me a chance to see if he seemed sincere.
He came to visit me and was immediately excited when he saw my half million dollar, 6,000 sq.
home and furnishings etc.
He kept going on and on about how successful I am and that is exactly where he wanted to be.
I asked if he were willing to put in the time required and most of all the serious effort to follow my already proven "Three Step Success System".
He assured me he was committed to it and that no matter what he would not give up until he made a success out of it for himself.
He then began to tell me about his past.
He shared how he had wanted to be a Navy seal and that he had made excuses and given up and as a result lost his chance at it.
He told me he had other parts of his life where he also gave up and quit before following through to completion or success.
This caused me to have concern as to whether or not he would actually stick with the opportunity before him or if he would slip into his old ways and bad habits.
He came out of the gate with plenty of energy but it was not long at all until he started missing appointments that we had set to do three way telephone calls.
And I let him know we needed to always keep these appointments if he expected to close any sales.
Each time he would apologize and say it would never happen again.
It happened several times until one day I asked him to make a decision.
I asked him to tell me if he wanted to make money or continue to keep making one excuse after another.
He agreed to stop making excuses.
In my opportunity you earn $1,000.
per sale so even with only one sale a week it would put $52,000.
a year into your pocket.
For most people this is far more than they earn already and it would be a very nice thing to happen in their lives.
This kid (with my help and constant support) managed to line up two sales that were ready to sign up.
This would have meant he would have made director and then been poised to earn $1,000.
per sale on every sale for the rest of his natural life.
So did the kid take advantage of this incredible opportunity and follow through as he should have? Nope, instead he thought he would get smart and call me with an ultimatum.
One he wold later see would back fire on him.
He called me up on day and said he wanted me to send him half the sales commission I was going to earn on as a result of those two training sales he had to give me anyway in order to qualify for the program.
His idea was that I would still make money and if I refused to split my commissions then he would call both of the prospects up and tell them not to join the program.
Is that insane or what? And guess what, when I refused to change the rules of the company to suit him, he made good on his threat and called both prospects up.
He told them blatant lies about me personally such as he had visited me and I did not live in a nice home and have nice things etc.
He told them I was not successful etc.
Even though he knew all along having already seen my success lifestyle with his own eyes that he was lying in a very big way.
I was very disappointed him and his antics.
I was disappointed that he would stoop to such tactics in an attempt to blackmail me out of sales commissions that he knew were rightfully mine.
He started posting lies about me on the Internet and one day I prayed about the situation and I felt compelled to try one last time to reach out to him.
To somehow try and get him to realize if he truly wanted to change his life then he first needed to change his attitude.
So I wrote him a lengthy email, not sure if he would even bother taking the time to read it or if he did what he would do afterward with my offer to help him.
I don't think he really expected anyone to reach out to him like that because he replied and told me he was ashamed of what he had done.
He admitted he had intentionally ruined both sales to get back at me for refusing to split my commissions with him.
He was said he was even to ashamed to talk with me on the phone.
In the days prior to my email he had been busy posting lies about me on the web in various places and again this was his attempt to get back at me for something that was his own fault.
I told him I was willing to work with him despite what he had done but made it very clear that most people would not and that I hoped he had learned something from the experience.
He said he had and that he would retract the lies and admit them.
And to his short lived credit he did post retractions admitting it was he and not I that had the problem and that I had been very supportive and always kept my word.
Since he had ruined the two sales we had already spent time, energy, and effort (mostly mine) to close, he came up with the idea a couple of days later that he wanted to try and salvage those sales before we moved on to others.
I tried to explain to him that it was a lost cause and we should just move on due to the damage he had already caused.
He ultimately decided once again he wanted to make excuses and slipped back into his old ways.
And as I write this article, he to this day emails me all the time (always from fake email addresses) with harassment.
He calls my office at all hours of the day and night and always makes sure that I know it is him doing it.
He sends me instant chat messages and just tries to so whatever he thinks will cause me problems.
All the while not realizing that in fact he is his own worst problem.
To contrast this, a short time later another twenty year old visited me to record a video testimonial in which he states his ability to generate over $9,000.
in just his first eight weeks in my program.
So from now on these two people who share the same age but totally separate attitudes and belief systems, will forever go through life on separate paths.
The first guy will lie and try to convince everyone he comes into contact with the world owes him something and that everything and everyone is a scam.
The second will go on to become even more successful and as a result enjoy a fruitful and highly productive life.
The upside to this is there are some great business opportunities available.
You can change your life in a very positive way.
It all starts with your attitude.
Decide not to make excuses but rather to make money.
Here's a poem that sums it all up...
If you hate me, can you love any other? When you're hating your lover, your sister, your mother I am a mongrel, and in this I find no shame In 100 years time, we'll both be the same Decayed and forgotten, under earth so deep Wrapped in a blanket of deaths eternal sleep How can you think that it's just to defile The peace I have had all my life since a child? I used to think I'd hate you for all that you do But I've no quarrel with myself, and so I've no hatred for you.
Jaz Ali Do not let another persons hatred cause you to make the wrong decision for you.
Make your own decisions and walk your own path proudly.
I found some quotes to close out this article that seemed very fitting...
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world.
Mahatma Gandhi "Just as you have the instinctive natural desire to be happy and overcome suffering, so do all sentient beings; just as you have the right to fulfill this innate aspiration, so do all sentient beings.
so on what grounds do you discriminate?"
His Holiness the Dalai Llama "Let us rise up tonight with a greater readiness.
Let us stand with a greater determination.
And let us move on in these powerful days, these days of challenge, to make America what it ought to be.
Martin Luther King Jr.
, on the night before his assassination "The less secure a man is, the more likely he is to have extreme prejudice.
Clint Eastwood"When we look at modern man we have to face the fact that modern man suffers from a kind of poverty of the spirit, which stands in glaring contrast to his scientific and technological abundance, we've learned to fly the air like birds, we've learned to swim the seas like fish, and yet we havent learned to walk the earth as brothers and sisters.
Martin Luther King Jr.
"Remember, to hate, to be violent, is demeaning.
It means you're afraid of the other side of the coin -- to love and be loved.
James Baldwin "You must not lose faith in humanity.
Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.
Where there is love there is life.
Mahatma Gandhi "If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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