Are Network Marketing Struggles Character Building?

It does not matter the activity we are involved with, there are only two ways for results to go; success or failure.
Becoming involved with any business; mom and pop stores, service providers, products, programs, health and wellness, supplements, exercise, there are many ideas and strategies to get the message out to return sales.
Online marketing takes certain skills to turn a profit just like other business models.
One must be able to communicate, understand the market they are in, understand how costs reflect upon profits, writing compelling copy and advertising, each a major player in the bottom line.
But as more and more drift online searching for ways to make money, programs are running rampant that can teach you how to do it.
Some even offer "push button" results, and it seems these 'newbies' are falling over themselves for the "easy button".
I came from the engineering field and no matter what job I entered, there were many things I was required to learn, become proficient at and prove my worthiness.
Rewards only came much later after proficiency and competency was shown.
There were mentors that assisted with ways and means to accomplish the project goals.
There were processes that needed to be followed to know we were progressing forward and when problems occurred or were encountered, if questions were not asked, these issues would not be resolved.
Those that believe the internet is easy are being bamboozled by the "easy way" marketing efforts of these gurus.
No wonder that the failure rate is above 95% - most believe that microwave technology of today, we want it all and we want it now, success does not come so fast.
Here is the difference between online marketing and regular job activity; creativity to problem solving by utilizing your own actions.
In the regular 'work for them' companies, the creative ideas were dribbled down from on high and then work could progress.
Limited ideas were allowed on the lower levels but if they were not directed to the owners end, it was shot down and then we are told to do it this way.
With the online world, your own world, you must figure out the strategy.
You live or die by your creative ideas, actions, determinations and desire.
If you are unable to figure out the way to go, then you may not make anything.
This is not always wrong though because through these efforts, there is knowledge gained.
This knowledge can be scrapped or reworked and reprocessed into the next campaign, all done extremely quick.
What really comes from these efforts is the building of your online foundation, your character, provided you continue forward.
With all the options available to us as individuals, trying to get it correct is our responsibility.
It may never be right but it can profitable, it just matters that you have the strong demeanor to continue to complete.
Only you as an individual will determine your future; one where your limited by the hours you can exchange or by the creative energy and actions you put forth to unlimited value.
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