ACN Distributors! Your Upline is Holding Out on You!

ACN is a solid MLM with compensation plan that can be very lucrative.
If you are active pursing their business it makes sense for you to do everything you can to max out their pay plan.
To earn the big dollars, you need to put implement a self-funded proposal.
When you do this, you will build a list of quality leads, cover your marketing expenses, and create an additional income stream while signing up new distributors into your ACN business.
From the jump, I'm not an ACN distributor however, I show many of their distributors how to market their business successfully.
To build a large team, put a self-funded proposal in play.
Sell an inexpensive, but useful, product on the front end and then your primary product/service, ACN in this case, on the back-end.
Cell phone companies are a great example.
Get a free, or real cheap, phone and then purchase the two year service contract.
By providing a free phone on the front end these companies create residual income on the back end.
That is the same concept you want to implement with ACN.
You can follow up with your ACN opportunity on the back-end after you provide generic MLM training on the front-end.
Let me be more clear.
You don't need to waste your time anymore.
Only target people that have already expressed an interest in being involved in MLM.
You don't need to work with unqualified people asking the same 'ol lame questions like, "Isn't this a pyramid?" No more! Imagine only working with people that are ready and willing to get after building a MLM business! Even if someone has only invested a small amount of money on how to market their business they are a great candidate.
They've got some skin in the game.
A self-funded proposal acts as a filter.
You get rid of unqualified people and leaves you to work with prospects that are sincere.
The point is you only want to work with folks that are sincere in their interest to get the most of ACN's compensation plan.
On auto-pilot you get rid of prospects that are negative about MLM nor are willing to spend any more to market their business.
Here is what you need to get started: - Set up a website with a Capture Page - Remember that people never join companies...
they join you! Therefore, this is NOT your ACN replicated site! You need a website that is going to brand you as a leader.
Begin to establish your OWN list of leads.
Collect your prospects name, email and phone.
- Get Traffic -There are many methods available to drive traffic.
In an upcoming article I'll break down some of the how-to's.
In the meantime, promote this site and get some eyeballs.
- Establish an Auto-Responder System- You've got to provide valuable business building information to your prospects and an auto-responder is the best way to do this automatically.
Make sure that you are getting useful MLM training that they can use now.
- Get a Sales Page - Generate commissions by allowing your prospects to buy the front end products that you are offering.
Did you notice something interesting? There isn't any mention of ACN in this process.
A new conversation with a prospect should be about them and not you pitching your business.
Your prospects will turn and run.
Don't be spammy marketer.
Position yourself as someone who knows what it takes to build a successful MLM team.
As a relationship develops and your prospects see you as a leader, then you can present your ACN business to an open minded audience.
If you are looking for a quality self-funded proposal then anything by Mike Dillard is great.
MLM Lead System Pro has the best integrated marketing system available on the internet.
Here is the bottom line, by providing solid MLM marketing training initially you accomplish a couple of important goals: 1) You generate quality prospects and2) Your prospects begin to recognize the amount of value you are providing and this builds trust in YOU.
What's nice is that you become the go to person.
When it comes time for folks to make a business decision you are top of mind.
You gain loyalty and respect from your prospects even if they haven't joined your in your ACN business.
A self-funded proposal is a fantastic way for you to maximize ACN's compensation plan and put you in position to build the MLM team of your dreams.
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