Improve You AdWords Campaign With Five Simple Steps

I'm still convinced that Google AdWords is the best way to get immediate traffic to your website for the best price.
I will admit that the click throughs are not always the most qualified compared to our sources of online advertising, but it does the job well.
I'm often dissapointed at some of the campaigns that my clients run because they are not efficient.
They have confusing ads and they are paying more than they have to for their click throughs.
I'm not an expert on AdWords, but I have run many campaigns in the past 5 years and learned a lot about the system.
If you are new to AdWords, or you notice your campaign is not producing, take a look at these 5 simple steps and see what your missing in your campaign.
1) Have a clear call to action: If you don't have a call to action, you're not going to convert as many click throughs.
Make sure your offering something to the customer that offers value and forces them to take action.
For example "Lowest Rate Guarantee, Book Today"or "Ocean Villas for 1/2 price, Reserve Now".
An example of bad call to action, "We have a great property" or "New Yorks Favorite Hotel".
A catchy call to action will make all the differen in your AdWords campaign.
2) Make sure the keywords you're using for your campaign are relevant to your advertisement and your landing page: I can't stress this enough! If your advertising has nothing to do with your landing page, you will have a low quality score and the Price Per Click will increase.
Only add keywords that are relevant to your advertisement and landing page.
Most important, the title and meta data of your landing page should include every word of your advertisement.
3) Analyze your stats: I'm not a big fan of placing my ads on content sites.
Google Analytics shows that my time on site is almost a minute less and my bounce rates are higher when my adword ads are on content sites.
I do get cheaper clicks on content sites which is nice, but if it doesn't convert a qualifed leads, it's a waste.
If you notice that some ad campaigns are showing high bounce rates, you may want to reconsider your campaign (this goes for search and content).
4) Find The best Ad variation: It's best to start your campaign with three different variations of your ads.
Make sure to go into the settings and have AdWords distribute the variations evenly so you can see which is producing best.
Once you know which variation is doing best, take this information and apply to other campaigns and try three new ones.
You will eventually have a well built ad that has good conversation.
5) Find the best times of the day for click conversion: You can edit your compaigns so your ads show at certain times of the day for adjusted prices.
Use the AdWords reports to find when you convert the most clicks each day and center your campaign around those times.
If notice that the early morning is a bad time for your campaign, reduce your bids by 50% during that period so you don't pay full price.
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