Michael Cheney"s Adsense Videos - A Review

I have to admit I'm a fan of Michael Cheney.
Call me prejudiced, but firstly, the guy is British so he has a decent accent.
Secondly, he knows what he's talking about when it comes to AdSense and making money of the internet.
His latest venture is Michael Cheney's top 500 where he has sold 500 keywords on his page for at least $50 a pop.
Yeah, that's a minimum of $25,000 US Dollars for just one page of one website.
Now that is genius.
I wish I had the reputation to do that.
I used his AdSense videos, and the advice they contain is structured, valuable and useful.
I have implemented nearly all his ideas, except where I had to put my hand in my pocket and pay for a web service where there was a limited version for free! And yes, my AdSense earnings have gone up.
I'm certainly not in the league of hundreds of dollars a day, but the website is paying for itself and all the functions for the members, such as the paid for chat-room ($500) and the server fees.
A summary of Cheney's advice is as follows.
Think like Google.
Google does search.
Search is the cornerstone to their business.
The reason they are the most popular search engine on the internet is that they are the best at finding what you want.
AdSense is ameans of targeting traffic based on content, so you have to make your site easy to navigate, useful to people.
Google wont just look up a whole load of keywords or spam.
So think like Google, be up front, be honest and write a good website.
Find your keywords.
Find the right niche and the right market.
Choose something you're interested in.
Better still something you're passionate about.
Use resources like Overture's Inventory keyword tool to see who is searching for what on the internet.
Then find the niche using the wordtracker tool, which will tell you who is competing for certain words on the internet and the potential for those keywords.
Create your website, focusing on ability to navigate and getting good content in.
Write it yourself.
Get free articles over the internet.
Get your website readers to contribute articles.
Make the content relevant and useful to your visitors.
If you have money pay people to write.
Put up a blog.
Make the content relevant and useful.
Select your ads from Google.
Choose the right format.
Put your ads in the middle of your page.
Put your content on the right hand side or the left hand side.
Put your full quota of ads on each page.
That's three blocks of ads, and an adlink.
Put pictures above or next to your ads.
Choose relevant pictures which you can find with royalty free searches.
Make sure your ads don't look like ads.
Make the background colour the same as your website.
Take off borders.
Integrate your ads in the body of your website without trying to disguise them.
Sign up for everything Google can offer you.
That's referrals, products, and sign-up to Adsense.
Put it on every page.
Test and track your sites.
Use Google's channels option in AdSense or find other tracking tools.
If you notice a page or a channel has a low click through rate, or low page impressions, then check the page.
Is it running all the ads in the right place? Try moving the ads around, the format of the page, the content of the page.
Reinvest some profit back into the website.
Find high paying keywords.
Make content around these keywords.
Some people are paying up to $40 per click! Get a slice of that by finding the high paying keywords.
Check out Google's AdSense resources and discussion forums across the internet.
Lots of useful information and advice and hints are available.
Those are the basics.
However, the videos go into considerably more depth and discuss techniques and methods and websites on his videos.
Are they useful? Yes.
I implemented nearly all his advice and my click-through improved, and my revenue has gone up.
The cost of Cheney's video has paid for itself.
My site isn't yet a high-traffic site, and makes about 5,000 page views a day.
So for me the challenge is to make it a 50,000 page-a-day site, but at least my ads are doing what they are supposed to do, and I am continually improving them and adding more and more content to the site.
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