Wildlife in Floods, How Can We Help?

To answer that question as simply as possible, there is no one answer.
The reason is because the question must be more specific as to animal type and circumstances.
During the devastating Mississippi River Valley flooding this Spring which affected 1000+ river miles, millions of acres, millions of people and millions of animals from north of St Louis to New Orleans, all of the river states' governments published directives about how to handle wildlife encroachment brought about by too much flood water and not enough high ground to go around.
Following are these states' more helpful suggestions.
When deer and other forest creatures are found on high ground, such as levees, they have two problems: food and cover.
State wildlife agencies all agree in this case the worst thing we can do is to try to feed or otherwise offer care to these animals.
Will some of them die? Yes! If we try to help, will we make the situation worse? Definitely! In this case, the kindest thing we can do is give them what little space they have, and let nature take its course.
By the way, deer are excellent swimmers.
There are exceptions to the above leave-them-alone rule.
A couple that come to mind are feral hogs and coyotes/wild dogs.
These are in the destructively-troublesome-to-dangerous category and high water may be a positive opportunity for us to deal with them.
Every year farmers and ranchers lose valuable livestock, usually newborn animals to coyotes and wild dog packs.
Occasionally, these same canines can be a danger to humans, as well.
As with all land animals, these canines are stranded on the few remaining dry acres available.
So, humane livetraps can be a very effective remedy, or pest control option.
We will be happy to guide you to a reliable websites, if you need this type of solution.
There are available online sites to acquire all sizes of humane livetraps: raccoons, feral cats, armadillos, opossums, rats, skunks, as well as squirreltraps and many others.
It is always a good idea to use humane livetraps, since we never know if we might unintentionally capture the family dog or cat.
And, in these cases to be able to catch and release unharmed is a joy for both the pet owner and trap operator.
Free-ranging domestic pigs become feral hogs in the wild which turn in to tusk-bearing wild boars in a relatively short period of time.
These are particularly destructive and dangerous animals.
It is legal, in most states to shoot them if they are on your property, or on property where you have permission to do so.
The reason to take such drastic action if this problem arises, is because wild boars will attack humans with little or no provocation; if for no other reason than to let the intruder know they own the woods! A look at one more animal category should be discussed before we close this short article.
Venomous snakes will also seek high ground, including your house, in floods.
The best advice here is to always use caution in storage areas, when cleaning up after the flood has receded, because these poisonous creatures like dry ground as much as we do.
Let's look at one more potentially dangerous animal category during flood conditions.
Venomous snakes will also seek out high ground, including your house, in flood conditions.
The best advice here is to always use caution in storage areas and brush/debris piles when cleaning up after the water has receded.
It is a fact that these poisonous creatures like dry ground as much as we do.
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