Adventure Holiday: Kayaking in Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America when measured by volume of water and it is also one of the highest on the continent being located some 12,500 feet above sea level. Located on the border of Peru and Bolivia it is nestled in the Andes, it offers visitors the option to survey some truly spectacular scenery and also provides the opportunity for many an adventure holiday, including kayaking across its massive surface.

There are a number of inhabited islands on Lake Titicaca and one that is often visited by kayakers is Taquile. Once on this island, visitors are encouraged to walk around a number of the villages to sample the textiles and other goods produced there.

Also on Lake Titicaca is the remarkable area of Uros; a collection of more than forty man-made islands constructed from floating reeds. Descendents of a pre-Incan tribe, the current population of around 2000 that permanently live on these floating islets construct almost every major item from the tortora reed; including the islands themselves, their boats and even their houses. In fact, some elements of the Uros' diet and medicine are also derived from the tortora reed.

Originally built to be moved around the lake in case of attack, the Uros islands are now to be found moored approximately three miles from the Peruvian port of Puno. Kayaking on the lake often involves paddling around the Uros islands and it tends to be the most popular way to experience this major tourist attraction.

When planning how to get to Lake Titicaca from the UK, as Bolivia is not well served by direct flights from outside South America, you may have to consider your starting point after you have taken your flights to Peru. From Lima Airport a connecting flight to Juliaca Airport is the most common way of getting to Lake Titicaca.

Plenty of local companies offer escorted Lake Titicaca kayaking excursions lasting from varying periods, typically one to five days, although the more adventurous can also organise their own trips. However, as the lake is so large they are recommended to do so in reasonable sized groups and also advised to include a local guide in the party.

In addition to kayaking on Lake Titicaca, Peru offers many other exciting holiday adventures including a visit to the ancient Incan ruins of Machu Picchu, the fabulous lively capital of Lima or even an extended trek along the Incan Trail. Whether you are looking to improve your kayaking skills or simply experience it for the first time, Lake Titicaca has something to offer every visitor.

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