Online Paid Surveys - Some Tips to Take Online Surveys Safely

When we count the risk factors, online paid surveys seem to be like the other offers of making money online.
Along with some scam and fraudulent survey sites, there is a large number of safe and legitimate sites as well.
People are quite aware of them now.
Thinking about taking these surveys as a full time job? I would say no.
Though people are making a handsome amount each month taking these surveys, but they will not help you quit your day job.
These surveys are meant for some extra cash, and not the whole living.
It is just like a part time job.
You can even make a 4-digit earning through them, but even then, it is not enough for a living.
I have been in these surveys for quite some time now.
I will share my experience with you so that you may also make some money from some good survey companies.
I have signed up with several of them and that has helped me earn quite an amount each month.
There is only one risk involved in registering with so many - you may get some spam mails in your mailbox, and that is all.
If you feel you do not want to continue with a particular site, you may cancel your account there.
If you are interested, kindly read the following tips: o Use a separate email address for registering with the survey sites.
This will save your personal mailbox from getting filled with the relevant (and irrelevant) mails.
o If you are asked to pay a membership fee, do not register with that site.
Legitimate survey sites never ask you to pay, rather than paying you.
o Drive away from the sites that promise to bring down the moon.
You cannot make thousands a week by taking these surveys.
Surveys paying more than $50 are not impossible, but they are very rare.
o If there are a lot of advertisements on the survey site, avoid registering with it.
The right survey sites have other sources of income and do not need to advertise on their home page.
o If you are in doubt about the credibility of a site, Google its name and you will get a lot of information about the same.
You can use various keyword searches to get the appropriate information.
o Do not give any personal information straight away, like your Social Security Number.
This is required only for tax payment purposes and will be needed if the site is paying you frequently, more than $600 a year.
There are survey sites that can make your dreams of extra cash come true.
So, take the first step and get your hands on a few legitimate survey sites.
Happy Taking Surveys!
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