How to Remove the Carburetor From a Johnson Outboard Motor

    • 1). Disconnect both battery cables -- negative cable first -- using a 5/16-inch wrench. Set the black, negative cable aside and use a 3/8-inch wrench to remove the nut from the red, positive post. Move the positive cable away from the battery and the negative cable.

    • 2). Remove the four, 5/16-inch bolts holding the electric starter bracket to the power head. Use a 5/16-inch thin-walled socket.

    • 3). Push the throttle link on the carburetor out of the cam follower.

    • 4). Remove the four, 1/4-inch carburetor flange nuts with a 1/4-inch socket. Remove the carburetor and gasket from the intake manifold. Turn the carburetor to one side for access. Cut the wire tie from the carburetor fuel-supply line with a wire cutter. Place a small, drain basin beneath the fuel lines; disconnect the lines from the carburetor. Lift the carburetor away from the motor.

    • 5). Squeeze together the spring-loaded clamp holding the primer fuel hose. This will loosen the clamp from the nipple on the side of the carburetor body. Use a pair of pliers. Slide the clamp onto the primer hose, and remove the hose.

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