How To Keep Your SEO Clients For As Long As Possible

Because an optimisation campaign doesn't just become successful overnight, it is of the utmost importance that you are able to keep your search engine optimisation (SEO) clients for as long as possible.
The key to achieving this is to keep your clients happy and to actually provide them with a campaign that works, otherwise they will wonder why they're wasting all this money.
We have compiled a list of four things that you should be doing for your SEO clients to ensure that they don't decide to take their business somewhere else.
Educate the client from the very beginning The biggest cause of conflict between probably lies in the fact that your clients have absolutely no understanding of SEO.
Even if you are doing everything right in the campaign, it is all going to be for nothing if the client doesn't understand why you're doing it.
To avoid this, make sure that you educate your clients from the moment that they sign up.
This will allow them to see how much research you have put it and to understand the process better.
Be honest about your business Another cause of conflict often arises when the business promises certain things and then is unable to deliver.
You need to make sure that you are honest about what you can do for the client and about how long this is going to take.
Begin by explaining to them your technique and the reasons why you are using this strategy over another.
Next, explain to them your approach and your plan for their SEO campaign, including any goals and timelines.
Finally, explain to them your pricing.
Set clear expectations and don't over promise When meeting with a potential client, it is important that you are honest about how long it takes for SEO to begin taking effect - you need to explain that this is not an overnight process and that they will actually need to continue optimizing if they want to keep any rankings that they manage to achieve.
More often than not, it will take somewhere between 9 and 18 months for the client to notice any real difference, but again this depends on how competitive the industry is.
Avoid being pushy Whilst this is not a conflict that is apparent for all clients, some will find that their SEO providers are really pushy when it comes to getting them to sign up and to increase their packages.
Even though you can get the client to agree, you may find that you leave a bad taste in their mouth and that they take more convincing the next time you need them to do something or pay up.
You should also avoid being pushy during your campaign as a whole, as SEO is always changing.
There are a number of other tips that we can provide you with that will help to keep your clients happy and, therefore, encourage them to continue with SEO well into the future.
Above all else, you should endeavor to keep your clients involved with what you are doing in their campaign - after all, it is their website and they are paying you to achieve results, so it makes sense that they will want to be kept abreast of whatever is happening.
You should also provide them with regular reports so that they can actually see improvements.
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