3 Most Common Marketing Myths

For many first-timers, their first giddy rush in internet marketing can be something akin to falling in love.
The product is perfect, the possibilities are endless, and they don't need anything else.
At this point, they're dazzled by the images of sure-fire success -- and totally getting ahead of themselves.
When the time comes that the thrill and the glitz wear off after the initial rush, the disappointment and pain of the event can settle like lead in the belly, and sour them for anything similar in the future.
Like a kid jumping into the deep end of the pool, it's a recipe for disaster.
If you're not that strong or prepared yet, it's better to do some research first before wading in: all that glitters in not gold (or e-cash), and all that.
What follows are 3 common myths that continually crop up and break newbie hearts, and can trip up even the more experienced players.
The product is so good, it will sell itself No it won't.
If it was, we wouldn't need marketing.
Or advertising.
Going with the romantic analogy presented earlier, think of dating, where people put their best foot forward in the hopes of attracting a good partner, then starting (and keeping) a good relationship.
Marketing works much the same way.
In the market, you go where you're most likely to make a good connection (target niche)and where there are people (target audience) who will be willing to express their interest in you have to offer.
Unlike dating, however, establishing multiple relationships at the same time is de rigeur and even expected in marketing, because the more relationships you establish, the larger your customer base.
Everyone will want one.
No, they won't.
Just because you fall in love with a product doesn't mean everyone else will.
People have different tastes, different needs and different ideas of what constitutes something as, ah, lovable.
Or useful.
One product can't be all things to all people.
That's why we have niches, market research, and demographics.
For excellent proof of this principle in action, go to a newsstand or the nearest bookstore.
The evidence is right there lying in the magazine racks.
There are over 20,000 magazines published in the US every year.
There are magazines for writers, for the teen market, for science and adventure geeks, the DIY crowd, home-owners, cooks, musicians, fashionistas, guitaristas, RV enthusiasts...
you name the crowd, there's a magazine for it.
People will be lining up to buy it.
Not if they don't know it exists, and certainly not without marketing and advertising.
The earliest method for marketing was word-of-mouth, which works quite well in a small community.
But today's wired world demands more effort even as it opens more doors to success.
Word-of-mouth can be turned to testimonials, but testimonials still need to be read, or listened to, to get the quality of your product across.
This is where marketing comes in.
Passion is good in that it helps fuel you on your chosen path to success in your chosen niche.
Couple this with reason, cool-headed planning and awareness that passion alone can burn itself out quite easily will help you side-step the boggy areas and pit-holes on the way.
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