Dating Advices - How to Play Hard To Get

There are a lot of interests and discussions on how to play hard to get before a relationship starts.
Actually to play hard to get is not that hard.
A woman can play hard to get by simply just not giving the other guy clear hints that she is interested in him.
So let me just list out a few ways that a woman can play hard to get: 1.
Do not call him back immediately.
This is one of the most common techniques that a woman will use on a man.
When a guy just got a woman's phone number, he will tend to rush and call her the very next day.
But usually, this will only result in the woman returning his calls only after days, or NOT even returning at all! 2.
Treat him randomly.
There are cases where a man manages to get in a very close term with a woman for a while, but after sometimes, she turns a cold shoulder on him.
This will make him wonder why, is it whether you are not interested in him anymore, or you are just simply playing hard to get with him? 3.
Do not give him a clear "Yes" or "No".
After some times chasing a woman, a guy will pop the question, if he sees that everything goes well.
But if you want to play hard to get with him, you can drop some hints to him.
Do not give him the definite answer.
One typical example is asking him to wait X number of days, before you tell him the answer.
Playing hard to get is definitely a fun way to kick-start a relationship.
But be sure not to overdo it, because you may be giving out the wrong hints to the guys, and we guys will not wait for you forever.
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