Prosperity Thinking

Current economic situations tend to place prosperity thinking at the bottom of a deep well.
I am extending a golden opportunity for you to float those creative thoughts to the surface of the well.
In fact, let prosperous thoughts overflow.
Your thoughts are triggered by your beliefs.
Those thoughts transmit into feelings and words.
Your words influence your actions and your results materialize accordingly.
Have a heart-to-heart talk with your core beliefs.
Do you truly believe, absolutely know in your heart, that you are in the process of becoming a resounding success? Examine your self-talk.
Are you telling yourself that you will "try" or "test it out for awhile?" Those thoughts and words are the kiss of death for your current and future success.
"Try" is a way of giving yourself permission to fail.
No one ever starts a business with the deliberate intention of failing.
If so, why bother? Unfortunately so many people start a business, especially a home based business, with a half-hearted desire and lukewarm expectation of success.
It is the "dip your toe in the water" mentality.
How many Olympic swimmers would ever succeed if they did the toe test and walked away from the edge of the pool because the water felt a little cool today? Are you doing that same "toe test" attitude with your business? Ok, I understand that you have a family to support and you feel compelled to start your business on a part time basis rather than plunging into the business stream head first.
I advocate responsible thinking and actions.
Before you breathe a sign of relief and start making excuses for yourself, stop right now and breathe in an air of determination.
Every good swimmer puts their head down and surges forward.
Sometimes it is every stroke and sometimes every few strokes, but they do take a breath of air.
My caution to you is not to spend so much time casually breathing and relaxing that you forget to put your head down and focus on the task at hand.
Every successful business person spends absolute focused time and effort surging forward with their business.
Regardless of whether you start part time with only 2 or 3 hours per day or 8 hours per day, you must do 2 critical things: 1.
You must have an uncompromisingly positive attitude and expectation of total success.
No options, no hesitation, no "toe testing.
" Success is the only outcome acceptable.
Commit to do whatever it takes to succeed and persist until you succeed.
Design a specific plan to proceed from where you are with your current economic situation to reach your predetermined goal.
If you decide to swim across the lake, you start on one shore and determine the exact line necessary to reach the predetermined spot on the shore on the other side of the lake.
The exact principle works with your business.
Distractions occur even more with a home based business.
You must design a clear and workable plan.
Work that plan with focus.
Give yourself checkpoints along your path.
For instance if your success plan is designed to be achieved in 6 months, then set a progress checkpoint for a week, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, 150 days and 180 days.
Check your progress and make slight course corrections if needed.
Who knows, you may have to increase the goal because you are ahead of schedule.
Prosperous thinking, a well designed plan and focused implementation of the plan yield success.
It really is that simple.
Head down and surge ahead.
Checkpoint to breathe and celebrate prosperity at the finish line.
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