DIY Pink Zebra Print Room

    • 1). Paint the walls. Use a darker hue of pink as a base coat, painting all of the walls carefully with a roller and roller pan. Choose one of the walls as your focal wall and paint this wall using a zebra print stencil and a lighter hue of pink. Painting all of your walls with the stencil would make the room look too busy.

    • 2). Hang black and white zebra print curtains on decorative rod-iron curtain rods. The print in the curtains will mimic the print on the focal wall without disappearing into the rest of the room. If you can't find zebra print curtains, use your stencil and some black paint to make some from old white bed sheets.

    • 3). Set up the bed against the focal wall with the zebra stripes. Paint the bed frame itself white to stand out against the wall. Make the bed with bedding that uses pink and another color, either white and pink or black and pink stripes. Pillows can have black and white, black and pink, pink and white or all three patterns of stripes. Mix and match patterns and pillow shapes, mingling bolster pillows with square ones.

    • 4). Use your stencil to paint your lampshades to match the bedspread, especially if you have more than one lamp, which helps to disperse different versions of the pattern around the room. Place the shades on top of black, white or pink lamps.

    • 5). Paint some of your furniture either solid white or solid black. Screw pink knobs into the drawers. Use your stencil to make pink zebra stripes on the tops of nightstands and bureaus and on the sides of bookshelves to keep up the striped theme without overwhelming the room.

    • 6). Toss black and white zebra-print throw rugs on the floor interspersed with fuzzy pink throw rugs. Gather clusters of white and pink candles together, and tie them with black ribbon; fold pink, white and black blankets over chairs and the footboard, and put your jewelry and makeup in pink and white boxes on your bureau.

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