Visiting Geneva? Top Annual Events to Check Out

Geneva is a fascinating city filled with world-class attractions, and when you are arranging your transfer from Geneva to Morzine for your holiday, it's a great idea to spend a bit of time discovering it for yourself.
Throughout the year there are a number of exciting events held annually, so you may even be able to tie your visit in with one of these.
Here are some of the best events that are held in the city throughout the year.
Fêtes de Genève The Fêtes de Geneva, or the Geneva Festival, is the biggest event of the year in the city, and one that you should try to visit if you're arranging your transfer from Geneva to Morzine during the summer months.
It is usually held in July and August, and you can expect to find rowing, a funfair, concerts, food stalls and a huge fireworks display - all of which make it a fantastic time to be in the city.
The Rose Competition The Rose Competition is held at the end of June each year, and is another event that you may be interested in catching before hopping aboard your transfer from Geneva to Morzine.
At this event, rose enthusiasts from across the world arrive in the city to display their best flowers, and the winning entrants are planted in Parc La Grange.
Fête de la Musique The Fête de la Music is the biggest music festival of the city, and also takes place in June.
It lasts for three days, and the entire city gets in the festive spirit to enjoy the beauty and creativity of music.
There are over 50 stages set up over the three days to feature performances of all kinds of music, including classical, world, rock and jazz - this is a truly great time to be in the city.
The Lake Parade The Lake Parade is held in July each year, next to Lake Geneva.
It is one of the most important events of the year and attracts thousands of people who watch the parade and enjoy the events that follow it.
It is famous for the Love Mobiles, of which there are usually about 20, which pump out music and carry people through the streets.
In the evening, famous DJs perform late into the night.
International Exhibition of Inventions This is the largest exhibition of inventions in the world, and thousands of people visit it every year in April to see the latest and greatest inventions.
It has been running since 1972, and each year hundreds of exhibitors display their new innovations.
It is a fun exhibition to explore to find out something about the latest inventions that have yet to go mainstream.
See the Best of the City These are just a few of the exciting annual events that are held in the city throughout the year, but there are many more to enjoy.
There are also lots of one-off events, so make sure you look out for these online before you go.
Tying in your transfer from Geneva to Morzine with one of these events will allow you to enjoy the city at its best, and make your holiday even more special.
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