How to Get a Guy to Crave & Want to Be With You All the Time - This Works Real Well

Starting a new relationship is hard, and you'll want to do everything you can to make him want to be with you.
Here are a few tips to keep him craving more and more of you.
Keep up with your own life.
You have a life of your own.
Remember to keep pace with it.
Don't make everything about this new guy.
If you do, you'll scare him.
Keep yourself active and busy.
A guy wants a girl with something going for her.
Don't be too available.
If a guy calls you at the last minute, don't drop what you're doing just to be with him.
Keep your own plans.
Make him work for it.
A girl that's too available isn't a catch.
Make him feel good.
You have the power to make any guy feel good about himself.
Making a guy feel good when he's with you will only make him want to be with you more.
Pay him real compliments.
Give him the chance to show off his talents or knowledge.
Make sure he know you realize he's a catch.
Show him you're attracted to him.
Don't just tell him you think he's hot.
Do things that let him know he is.
Take the chance to kiss him at unexpected times.
Revel in wearing his jacket or shirt.
Let him know you like being close to him.
It will make him feel desirable.
Be a sexy girl.
Being sexy is about choosing the right clothes, but it's also much more than that.
It's about having some confidence in your own sex appeal.
Be proud of what you look like.
Know that with your body comes power.
If you have it, then flaunt it a little.
He'll notice and want more.
Guaranteed! Let you're dirty side out.
Being a little dirty is really sexy to a guy.
He will like to hear those things from you, but only if they're about him.
Being dirty with him makes him special.
He will take it as a positive.
You desire him in a way different from other guys.
Be fun, happy, and interesting.
Having your own life gives you things to talk about and makes you interesting.
Remember to have fun with your guy.
A good time is always something that sticks with him, and he will want to have more of it.
Show him you're happy to be able to spend time with him.
If you're happy, it makes him feel good.
He'll want more of that good feeling.
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