How to Develop Your Business Relationships Better

Relationship marketing can be defined as a type of marketing that is a result of effective marketing campaigns that encourages and supports long term customer retention.
It is different from other forms of marketing as it sees the value in developing a relationship with an customer over time that is beyond marketing and overt communication.
It is not just about getting new customers through the door.
There are many different ways that relationship marketing is used in today's business world.
Some is more explicit than others, but some some relationship marketing examples can be seen in the following; A recruitment company sends a client a basket filled with fruit, chocolates and wine and a note saying 'This is a than you for being our client for 1 year.
' The client is happy to receive said basket and is reminded about the good times with the recruitment company.
As a result, the client will be more likely to send more business to the recruitment company.
Customers at a coffee shop are given a card whereby they get a free coffee after 10 drinks are purchased.
The customer has more incentive to go back to the coffee shop than to go to another shop and will recommend the shop to their friends and colleagues, thus increasing business.
Relationship marketing is a successful and effective method of marketing.
It ensures longevity of customers or clients and happy clients mean more business.
Businesses using this technique will find successful relationships will develop with ongoing and expanded business opportunities.
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