Dating: A Unique Human Experience

Dating consists of sequence of events in one's life that reveals a lot about the people themselves. As viewed from different angles by the wide population around the world, for some dating is a bitter experience and for others it is a sort of sports, where the winner will be awarded the best lifetime achievement award with an understanding life partner. Whatever good or bad reasons it might be, dating holds a unique place in a human experience that most people participate in during their lives.

Dating is an amusing way to enter into a new kinship where you get the chance to taste the different flavor of a relationship and it also ensure you to spice up your relationship with your own taste-maker. You can also learn how to act in a relationship and the impact of dating on the course of a relationship by following the rules of dating. Among the existing variety of code of correct conduct in terms of dealing with one another within the general rules of dating, some of the issues like the experience of the "first kiss" are up for some debate. According to many the first kiss should take place after three dates, while still others insist that in such cases time and location does not matter.

Culturally definition of dating differs widely. For example people with Indian or Asian origin, believe in a concept called "arranged marriage", which effectively go against conventional dating altogether. An arranged marriage is best way to skip the demanding job of dating, actually having to impress someone and which is also time consuming whereas in other cultures, dating seems to be taken as an unnecessary and purposeless in getting someone ready for marriage. Again for many people in the Western culture, dating is a prospect that agitates the spring chicken of the countries, to date in their young age as they cannot wait until they are old enough.

Whatever might be the definitions and motivations, nowadays for many people dating serves as a form of marriage preparation and for others it serves as a form of entertainment in which people date for years without any commitment. Where marriage, is considered settling down with a single person for years and many people view that as being undesirable and reserved for later years, there dating seems to be mostly preferred by those who do not want to go for any commitment.
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