How to Troubleshoot the Pontiac Vibe

    • 1). Remove the fuse box cover on the driver's side of the dashboard, by gently pulling up. Locate the multiple-pin port on the fuse box and plug the diagnostic tool directly into the port. Turn your Vibe's ignition switch to the "On" position.

    • 2). Start the OBD-II diagnostic scanner by powering it to the "On" position. Wait for it to download any trouble codes.

    • 3). Unplug the tool from the multiple-pin port carefully. Close the fuse box cover on the Vibe. Scroll down on the diagnostic tool menu and choose the "Retrieve" option. The OBD-II reader will report any codes stored in the computer that are causing your Vibe issues.

    • 4). Reference all codes that you have downloaded in the previous step to the owner's manual troubleshooting codes for your Pontiac Vibe.

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