Cold Calling Tips - How to Research a Prospect

Research is vital before making a sales call.
Take some time to look up the company you're about to phone.
If you can talk with confidence to your potential client about the future plans of their business then not only will it show that you are prepared but it will also make you stand out from your competition.
  • Visit the company's website, learn what they do.
    Is there information on there about senior staff / management.
    Even better, is there anything there relating to your contact? Email addresses, direct lines, head office numbers - all of these strengthen your case for calling.
    Look for the 'News' section that most websites have - are they celebrating? Any announcements?
  • Search Online - Look for independent articles about the company, press releases or newspaper / magazine pieces where they may have appeared.
    Local development agency websites are a good source of financial information, as well as Companys House.
    Is the company solid? Are they expanding or retracting? All this information helps to build a profile of your prospect; the size of the company, their core activity and their development.
    If you're selling telecoms and you discover they're expanding and opening new branches you can tailor your call to fulfill that potential need.
But a word of warning.
Whilst making research a standard practice in pre-call preparation is a good idea, it should not be used as a call aversion! Don't forget that this prospect may have received a 101 calls today from telemarketers looking to sell them something.
There are ways to stand out from the crowd and research is just one of them but also one of the most important ones.
The confidence in your voice from knowing that you can help with this prospects pain will certainly open doors for you.
Good luck.
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