5 Brand Monitoring Tools That Rock

Want to gauge what's being talked about your company? A brand monitoring tool does exactly that! Another way of putting what brand monitoring tools are about would be to consider them as reputation management tools that help you trace all the good and bad points that are being pinned for or against you on the internet.

Why is it worth tracking market response to your brand? Well, to get an ego boost in case of success and to make amends in cases otherwise! Nonetheless, brand monitoring tools are not limited to acting as an information gauging technique. They are about tracking your entire marketing effort. Here are 5 out of the hundreds budding in the virtual world:

  • Tweetdeck: One of the most preferred monitoring tools, Tweetdeck is a desktop application which allows multitasking. To put it simply, with Tweetdeck you can check various social media accounts, concurrently. Saves time and saves effort, plus lets you come at a ballpark for collective ranking of your brand - that's what Tweetdeck is all about.

  • Topsy: No one had ever predicted that brand monitoring could get real time. With Topsy we have just the right way to prevent marketing mistakes from becoming business blunders. The best thing about Topsy is that it makes use of stats and figures.

  • Cadmus: An intelligent business monitoring tool, Cadmus gives opinions on what it thinks of your brand as well as marketing management strategies. Cadmus is a browser based application that is instrumental in reducing a lot of load and helps you minimise time in monitoring band performance.

  • Backtype: It's a simple one to use, and that's its USP. All you need to do is type in your site/company website URL and it will display your online visibility. It is extremely user-friendly and doesn't need one to waste time on understanding how it works. The tool gives you an idea about your online visibility.

  • Addict-o-matic: One of the simplest pagemaker, Addict-o-meter allows you to cull content from various platforms and aggregate them at one single place. Some would compare it to Paper.li, but we say it is absolutely unique in the manner it researches on the subject of your interest.

For business managers, brand tracking becomes essential to maintain the reputation online and this where brand monitoring tools are of great help as they help save costs of outsourcing certain activities that are not core to brand management. Moreover, these tools are so easy to use that you actually do not require any training to use them even for the very first time.
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