Things You Must Avoid When You Build a Business Website

Most often websites are made for business purposes aiming to sell a product or a service.
The main objective of such a website is to get traffic.
As such, you need to build an attractive website that could attract web surfers.
In your effort to make the best possible website, you may add things that repulse web surfers also without realizing your mistake.
So, it is necessary to know what you should avoid when you build websites.
The following are some of the things to avoid in a website.
Flash Technology You have the option to build a website using flash technology.
This enables you to use various kinds of animations and such other beautiful additions but flash technology has a weakness that the sites made using it do not show alike in all browsers.
In order to see them at their best, you need certain specific browsers.
Since different computer users use different types o browsers all of them will not be able to see your website the way you want them to see it.
Therefore, avoid using flash is the best thing to do.
Have only a few products for sale If you have a lot of products to sell, do not display all the products in your web pages.
Instead, have a few products to enable the visitors to select their products easily.
If there are too many products in the page the visitors will get confused and may leave without buying anything.
This is the opinion of experienced internet marketers.
Search engine optimization of the product page Search engine optimization of your site is a must but it should be limited only to your home page.
You must not try to search engine optimize your product page.
If you try to do so, you will be compelled to add your keywords here and there in the page disturbing your product descriptions.
The best thing to do is to search engine optimize your home page and have a link from there to your product page.
Remember to display this link prominently to enable your visitors to find it easily.
Avoid too much of graphics Graphics are beautiful additions to web pages to make them attractive but they have the weakness of prolonging the opening time of your web pages because generally the graphics are big files.
As prolonged opining time of a web page could drive visitors away, you must add graphics in such a way to make your site to open within 7 seconds.
Any longer opening time is not good for a website.
Add an element of business focus into your site If yours is a site that is going to help your business or one that is going to sell directly you need to add certain elements to make your site marketing oriented.
The best way to make it is to get your website built by a professional who has experience in building business websites.
Therefore avoid hiring inexperienced website designers.
If you take care of the above requirements you will end up with a successful business website.
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